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Secret Santa vs The Evil Blue Elf - Christmas Chaos 2010

$ 25.00

The elf falls down the stairs complaining about having to work on Christmas. Santa picks the elf up in a reverse bear hug, then puts him in a full nelson. He pulls the elf's sweatband down around his neck and chokes him with it. He picks the elf up and drops him back breaker style. Santa headlocks the elf, then picks him up like he's going to pile drive him, but then spins him around and drops him into an over the knee back breaker. He picks the elf up again and slams him onto the mat. Santa picks the elf up by his neck and twists him around into a back to back choke lift. After carrying him around for a bit, he drops the elf onto the mat and wraps his legs into a figure 4 hold. He turns the elf around and stretches his leg out into an ankle lock, then drops him. After some talking back and forth, Santa picks the elf up into a pile driver hold and drops him. Santa pulls the elf up by the neck and throws him over his shoulder. He carries him around for a few seconds, then the elf starts punching Santa in the gut. Santa drops the elf, who takes advantage of the moment and grabs Santa by the neck and puts him in a headlock. While Santa is trapped across the elf's knee the elf punches him in the gut again. The elf comes up behind Santa and leg scissors his head and falls back, hooking his ankles around Santa's legs, forcing Santa's legs open. After a struggle, Santa manages to turn over while still trapped in the elf's leg scissor hold. They both wind up on all fours and Santa stands up, picking the elf up with him, then drops the elf on the mat. Santa comes back and grabs the elf around the neck in a headlock, but the elf is tricky and grabs Santa's leg and lifts him up onto his shoulder. He drops Santa on the mat then jumps on him and pins him in a schoolboy pin. He grabs Santa's legs and brings his ankles up over his head and holds him there. Santa manages to break free and pulls the elf's leg until he has him in a boston crab. Santa head scissors the elf's head and turns the elf over onto his stomach while still headlocked by Santa's thighs. The elf breaks free and pins Santa on the mat upside down on his shoulders. While Santa is still upside down, the elf grabs one of his legs in an ankle lock. The elf grabs Santa by the wrist and picks him up by one leg and one arm, then drops him. The elf torments Santa for a few seconds, then grabs Santa's legs and twists him around into a boston crab. The elf grabs Santa's wrist and pulls him back in a sitting surfboard. He grabs Santa's legs into a banana split. Santa manages to roll over out of the banana split and gets the elf into an upside down boston crab. Santa picks the elf up by one arm and one leg, carries him around, then drops him. While the elf is on the ground, Santa pins him in a banana split. Santa decides he wants to see who the elf really is and begins to unzip the elf's suit. Struggling around, he has to use legs scissors and arm bars as he is pulling the suit off the elf. While holding the elf in a schoolboy pin, he pulls the head off the elf's suit. After a lot of struggling, the elf gets on top of Santa's back and starts to unzip Santa's suit. Santa fights his way free and picks up the elf in a reverse bearhug. Santa carries the elf around, then throws him down and continues to take the elf's suit off. While Santa is taunting the elf, the elf kicks Santa and knocks him down. While Santa is writhing on the ground, the elf starts pulling the suit off Santa's head. All this description and that is only describing the first 20 minutes of this match! Watch out because you have 20 more minutes to watch as they wrestle after ripping and stripping each other out of their costumes to continue the chaos in their new speedos!