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Cason puts Sergei not a sleeper at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Sergei vs Cason - Rough & Ready 115

$ 25.95

This match begins with a twist. The 230lbs Russian destroyer Sergei was originally set to face the 250lbs juggernaut Bull. Both muscle monsters take turns flexing on the mat. Sergei goes first flexing normally, but Bull with his experience shows off posing like he's in a competition. "You think you're impressive doing all these bodybuilder transitions? I'm not trying to win a show here." Bull laughs at his competition, "I can beat you on stage or right here!" The giants lock up, and an intense BEARHUG BATTLE breaks out. Their thick muscles collide like freight trains as they SQUEEZE each other down to the mat. Sergei mounts Bull's gorilla sized chest pinning him down. Out of nowhere, Cason grabs the Russian muscle hunk and throws him off Bull, "Who are you? If you wanna wrestle, you go through me. This is my mat!" Sergei pushes the vet out of his way, "I can do whatever I want!" Cason sends Bull away challenging him to a future match, so he can have Sergei all to himself. 

Both titans flex comparing size. Cason punches Sergei's beefy pecs, "Boy's got a thick chest!" The rookie punches back laughing, "It's a little soft!" The vet is not about to be disrespected and takes the Russian down in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, "You gonna get out of it? Think you're strong enough?" Sergei strains but finally flexes out as Cason transitions to a tight scissor/sleeper combo. "You're kinda strong for a little guy!" moans the Russian as he struggles to his knees trying to escape. The vet hangs on the muscle beast's back bringing him down again, "You're not getting up!" Cason locks in his hold again while Sergei tries to power out sending both goliaths rolling around the mat struggling for the upper hand. Cason uses his experience and locks the behemoth in a tight cradle, but he can't keep the big man down! Sergei flexes out again, so the vet delivers a vicious ankle lock TWISTING almost to the point of breaking! "You give? No pain?" "I ain't gonna break that easy!" The vet is shocked at the Russian's strength and uses his secret weapon wrapping his TREE TRUNK quads around Sergei in a reverse body scissors! "I don't feel anything!" The muscle monster GATOR ROLLS the vet around the mat trying to escape the viselike grip as Cason squeezes tighter. Finally, the beast begins to feel the pain as he's locked in a vicious BANANA SPLIT! "How flexible are you?" Sergei groans in agony, "Not very, this kinda hurts!" The muscle hunks pour with sweat from the intensity allowing Sergei to slip out of the hold. The Russian destroyer is first to his feet and ready for revenge! Camel clutches, scissors, clothesline, and a sleeper, this back and forth battle will have you on the edge of your seat wondering how it will end!