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Vinny chokes Flaco with his own arms in Thunders Arena

Vinny vs Flaco - Rough & Ready 80

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

#1 Bestseller April 2016

Did you ever have that jock fantasy in High School?  The one where you take on the biggest guy in the room?  This match is for you…

Vinny vs Flaco, big vs small!  Right off the bat Vinny shows off his physical dominance, thrusting his massive bicep into Flaco’s face.  “Get on your knees and say I’m the man” Flaco refuses to kneel, so Vinny forces the issue with a vicious knee to the midsection, followed by a suplex!  Vinny straddles Flaco’s face and strikes a magnificent double bicep pose and a massive most muscular, before pummeling Flaco’s abs!  A wrenching arm bar has Vinny’s muscles flexing and bulging as Flaco’s face screws up in pain - but Flaco doesn’t submit!

Vinny roughly pulls Flaco upwards into a punishing nelson / camel clutch combo, his lithe body stretched to breaking point, perfectly framed between the massive thighs of Vinny!  The agony is etched all over Flaco’s face, but he still won’t give in!  Vinny tells Flaco to kiss his bicep, telling him that he’s going to worship every part of the dominating muscle jock’s body! Wow!

Vinny puts on a gun show for Flaco, flexing and showing off his muscles, before pulling him up into a vice-like bearhug!  Flack’s trunks are riding high as he’s mercilessly crushed in the punishing arms of Vinny! Switching gears, Vinny grabs Flaco by the throat and starts giving orders, telling him to feel and worship his muscles! This is amazingly hot!  Getting caught in a head scissors, Flaco looks like he’s growing in Vinny’s massive legs!  Straddling Flaco’s chest, Vinny demands that the smaller man feel his huge muscles.  Is Vinny getting distracted by Flaco’s muscle worship?  Is this all a ploy on the part of the smaller wrestler?  Takedowns, headlocks, chokes and a final kiss-of-death sleeper sends one wrestler to dreamland!  An awesome muscle worship wrestling domination match!  Get it now and find out how the fantasy ends!