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Shane vs Specimen - Mat Wars 41

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Newcomer Shane is a 20 year old 150 pound baby face who thinks hes a wrestler. Specimen cant believe he is even on the mat with this puny new guy and asks how Thunders even found him. Confident Shane claims it was his good looks. When the two flex, its an amazing comparison, with Specimens massive arms the size of Shanes legs. Shane is clearly impressed with Specimens massive size and thickly muscled body and he tells the big muscleman he must have a good workout routine. Specimen mocks the little guy, making fun of the peach fuzz on his chest. Foolishly, Shane brags that he may be small, but he has a killer full nelson. Unimpressed, Specimen lets the little guy try to put him into the hold. Shane isnt even strong enough to get his arms around Specimens massive upper body to apply the hold. Specimen gets tired of the punks nonsense and says Come here boy as locks the little guy into a real full nelson. Shanes body is like a rag doll at the hands of the powerful veteran wrestler as he lifts him, spins him around and presses him down on the mat with the full nelson still locked on. As Shane squirms and wiggles trying to get free, Specimen remains in total control, punishing the youngster with a headlock in his massive arm, carrying him like a baby and then putting him in an over the knee backbreaker. Its a brutal domination of the new kid. But thats just the start. After some more arm flexing comparisons, which highlight what a total mismatch this is, Specimen puts the wannabe wrestler into a few merciless bear hugs, then puts him face down over his shoulder for a little bouncing before throwing him to the mat. Inviting him to more punishment, Specimen says Come on little boy. While admiring Specimens huge muscles, Shane tries to put the big bodybuilder into a bear hug. Specimen just laughs at the pathetic effort, picks Shane up, spins him around, drops him to the mat and stomps him in the gut. But the little guy fights back with a dirty shot to big Specimens nuts. With the big man in pain, Shane gives him some punches to the abs. But Specimen recovers and lifts Shane in a two handed carry before dropping him to the mat. Then he locks his tree trunk legs around the little guys mid section, flexing in a double bi while he applies the hold. Then he shifts the scissors to Shanes scrawny neck and asks if hes had enough. After they break, Shane says hes really good at applying a pec claw. Specimen gives him a free shot, but Shane actually hurts his hand trying to apply the hold on Specimens thick beefy pecs. Then Specimen puts a pec claw on Shane and the kid screams in pain. Specimen tells Shane his pecs feel like a twelve year old girl. Specimens total domination of the young kid continues with over shoulder and over the knee back breakers and knees to the gut. Specimen even lies on the mat and presses the little guys for a half dozen reps. When Shane asks for five minute break from the beating, Specimen slaps him, tells him to wake up and gives him a press slam. After a gut punching, he gives the kid another press slam, asking him how he likes it up there before dropping him to the mat. After a forearm smash, the newbie gets another press slam. Asking Shane if hes ready for the end, the big muscle stud puts the poor youngster in a brutal over the knee backbreaker. As if that werent punishment enough, Specimen finishes the new guy off with a squeeze to the huge bulge in the kids trunks. Shane screams that he submits, but the brutal big man tells him Not yet as he keeps the pressure on a bit longer. Finally satisfied with his domination and humiliation of the new kid, Specimen releases the hold and flexes over him in victory. This is one totally hot squash match.