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Shane Viggo camel clutch pecs chest abs arms

Shane vs Viggo - No Holds Barred 42

$ 31.25

Young newcomer Shane is in awe of Viggos rock solid, lean muscular physique. As Viggo silently poses, Shane touches his abs and says how amazing they are. Viggo smiles in satisfaction at the worship he is receiving and does a double bi so the youngster can admire his big beautifully muscled arms. Shane touches Viggos arm in awe, saying it is like rock. As Shane turns his admiration to Viggos shoulders and pecs, Viggo grins and flexes his thickly muscled pec s to turn the kid on even more. Then Shane touches Viggos legs, still in total awe of his magnificent physique. The camera goes in for a close up of Viggos ripped abs. With his eyes still glued to the muscle god, Shane tries to imitate his flexing. Viggo doesnt like the kid distracting from Viggos posing, so he puts his hand in front of the kids face. Shane tries to push Viggos hand out of the way, asking Viggo what he is doing and saying he has a face the camera loves. Without even saying a word, which would give the little guy too much respect, Viggo grabs Shanes hand as if it was a single handed mercy challenge and forces his worshipper down to the mat. Shane calls Viggo a punk and tough Viggo silently goes into wrestling stance, toying with the youngster before they lock up in a real mercy challenge. Viggos power quickly overwhelms Shane and he goes down in pain. Then Viggo locks the poor kid in a vice-like bear hug, keeping the hold locked on a good long time. In agony, Shane says oh my ribs! Powerful Viggo smiles when he hears the cries of pain, enjoying his domination of the punk. Uttering his first word during the match Viggo quietly says Give? Still filled with some spunk, Shane says piss off. Viggo releases the hold and Shane drops to the mat. Viggo puts a knee onto Shanes stomach and flexes a muscular arm as a show of his easy domination of the young newcomer. The he puts Shane into a neck scissor, which he converts into a humiliating school boy pin. As Shane struggles to get free, Viggo smiles in amusement. Then, with Shane still helplessly locked in a neck scissors/schoolboy, Viggo reaches back and grabs Shanes package and gives it a brutal squeeze. Then Viggo stands over the kid, smiling from ear to ear as Shane moans in pain. After putting the new guy in a headlock, with a few punches to his back, Viggo drops him into an over the knee backbreaker and gives the kids junk another crushing squeeze. Keeping the kid in the backbreaker, Viggo shoves his neck down to increase the pain as he gives him another dirty squeeze. When Viggo asks if he gives, Shane can only mumble my nuts. Viggo releases the backbreaker, but gives the kid another leg scissors with some more ball torture. After doing some posing to show off his washboard abs, Viggo drags the almost helpless Shane across the mat by his leg, and then sits on him facing Shanes legs. Perfect position for the serious ab punching Viggo unleashes on the newbie. Asking if he has broken a rib yet, Viggo gets up and then drops one of his muscular thighs across Shanes neck and punches his ribs some more. But Shane manages to break free by reaching up and grabbing Viggos balls asking the tough guy how it feels. Shane then puts Viggo in a neck scissors, telling him payback is a bitch. Seasoned veteran Viggo easily breaks out of the poorly applied neck scissors by slamming his head into Shanes crotch. Smiling as he gets to his feet, Viggo then punishes the youngster with a Boston crab then grabs the kid by the hair and smashes his head into the mat. Grinning with satisfaction over his total domination of the little guy, Viggo offers to give him one move. Shane tries a headlock, with Viggo bent over backwards. But powerful Viggo easily escapes and puts Shane in the same hold to show the punk how its done. Then he picks Shane up and gives him an atomic drop. After a side headlock, Viggo puts the punk away with a press slam. Viggo celebrates his easy victory with a knee on Shanes chest and a victory pose.