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Silas vs Baby Herc- Lightning Match 27

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Silas sizes up his opponent, the new guy on the block, Baby Herc, and scoffs at the sight of the shredded muscle on his frame. But Baby Herc is not one to be underestimated, and he's determined to prove himself against the seasoned pro.

The two wrestlers lock up in a fierce battle, with Silas quickly gaining the upper hand. He wraps Baby Herc up in a full nelson and flings him around the mat like a rag doll. But Baby Herc is not one to go down without a fight, and he manages to wriggle free and launch a counterattack.

He wraps Silas up in a body scissors, squeezing his legs around the pro's core with all his might. For a moment, it looks like Baby Herc might have the upper hand. But Silas is a wily opponent, and he quickly turns the tables, getting Baby Herc back on the mat in a vicious boston crab submission.

Baby Herc grits his teeth, determined not to give up. With a show of incredible strength, he does pushups, breaking free from Silas's hold. But Silas is relentless, jumping back on Baby Herc with a banana split submission that stretches the rookie out to his limits.

Can Baby Herc summon the strength and confidence to emerge victorious? Or will he simply become another wrestler to feed Silas's ego with a win?