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Silas vs Cesario - Custom Video Series 164

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Cesario flexes a few poses in front of Silas and asks, "You think you can handle this?" Silas gets up and looks Cesario up & down. Cesario flexes his abs and tells Silas he'll let him have a free hit. Silas gives him a soft punch to the abs. Cesario laughs and asks Silas to give him a real punch; a big mistake. Silas then gives Cesario a real punch and Cesario can't hide his pain. Silas then throws Cesario into the turnbuckle and wails on Cesario's shredded abs. Cesario is snatched up in a belly to belly bearhug and can't escape before passing out from exhaustion! Silas pins his passed out victim and plants his foot over Cesario's stomach flexing in victory over his splayed out opponent.

Cesario slowly regains consciousness with Silas offering his hand to help him up, but Cesario smacks it away. Silas takes this as a hint to give Cesario no mercy. Even after exhausting himself, Cesario gives Silas some pushback, but ultimately submits to a crucifix backbreaker. Silas holds the submission as Cesario cries out in pain with Silas asking, "Do you still think I'm a fluke!?" Cesario says no as he begs for Silas to stop. After Cesario begs Silas to put him down, Silas drops him to the mat face first. Cesario tries to get up but Silas plants his foot down on Cesario's back pinning him down again!

Cesario is worn out and beaten down! Silas takes pleasure in humiliating and dismantling Cesario. All Cesario can muster in between the torture are insults about Silas' appearance which only help to make things worse for him. Silas ends Cesario's suffering with a brutal torture rack! Silas hoists Cesario over his shoulders and applies pressure. Silas walks around the mat with Cesario draped over his shoulders struggling to pry Silas' hand off his chin. Cesario's grip around Silas' hand weakens as one hand falls limp followed by the other. A complete knockout!

Silas pronounces he isn't done with Cesario just yet! What else can Silas have in store for a beaten down Cesario? Silas puts Cesario down to go grab something. Silas quickly comes back with a rope. He ties Cesario around the ring's turnbuckle and continues his relaxing evening at Thunders Arena.