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Silas vs CrushDaddy - No Holds Barred 247

$ 30.00
$ 31.59

Silas sizes up the newest Thunder recruit, 6 foot 5 inch 250 lb. CrushDaddy! Crush immediately slams Silas to the mat and pins him down HARD! Crush questions whether Silas is really part of the Thunders initiation team. He snatches Silas off the mat and chokes him high up above his head holding him in the air for what seems like eternity! Crush drops Silas to the mat and Silas begins to attack Crush from the legs up! Silas gets a deep leg lock but Crush is unphased! He yanks on Silas's ankle and toes ripping them every way.

The pain sets in and Silas makes a desperate escape! He grabs Crush's long legs and uses them as a weapon turning and cranking them! Silas has the edge in experience, but Crush has enough power to counter act Silas's main weapon! Crush continues slamming and crushing Silas into the mat. Silas is seemingly helpless, and Crush is not taking it easy on him. He hurts and humiliates Silas with move after move, all while shoving every muscle he has in Silas's face!

Tortorous submissions and back breaking power moves are CrushDaddy's weapon of choice and any chance the big man can show off for the camera he does! Both CrushDaddy and Silas go through a gauntlet of brutal bearhugs and tough submissions highlight this AGGRESSIVE matchup! Download TODAY and See! 


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