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Silas vs Loki - Ring Wars 105

$ 31.25

Loki has had enough talking in the ring and leaps from the top rope SLAMMING into Silas! Loki rolls straight into a schoolboy pin smashing Silas into the mat. Silas flips Loki over locking him in between his powerful legs. Loki powers out but Silas goes straight back down stretching Loki out in a banana split submission. Loki escapes and locks in a standing headscissors on Silas squeezing his head between his massive quads! Silas stands up with the 220 lbs Loki on his shoulders, but Loki fights his way to the ropes using them to get off Silas's shoulders and mash him into the mat. Loki picks up his victim and throws him into the ropes and hitting him with a BRUTAL CLOTHESLINE on the way back! Silas nails the mat and is laid out in agonizing pain. 

Loki lifts Silas up and hangs him upside down in the turnbuckle before raining down a slew of massive gut punches! Loki flexes for the camera showing off his physique giving Silas time to counter with a low blow. Silas wraps Loki into the ropes and stretches his back out showing off Loki's shredded abs. Loki has to resort to grabbing Silas's hair and yanking as hard as he can! He then wraps Silas into a tight full nelson! Silas stands up and falls backward smashing Loki into the mat. 

Silas flexes in front of Loki which pisses him off! He grabs Silas by the throat and lifts him up in a choke lift! Silas is passing out now then Loki throws Silas up and catches him mid-air in a chest to chest bearhug! Silas is really feeling the pain now and Loki is on a rampage! Did Silas bite off more than he can chew by calling out the mighty Loki? Download Today and find out!