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Silas vs Smoke - No Holds Barred 233

$ 31.25

Introducing - Smoke - 5'10" 165 lbs

Silas goes right at the new rookie, Smoke. He smashes his abs with punches and then takes him to the mat in a tight body scissors! Straight into a side headlock, Silas begins to choke out Smoke. The rookie fights back when Silas starts to get too cocky! Silas does upside down pushups and Smoke rails him with a gut punch! Silas is pissed and takes Smoke down wrapping him in a brutal head scissors and hits him with thunderous gut punches! 

Smoke keeps up with Silas's onslaught using ankle submissions to keep Silas on the mat! Silas uses his technical skill to get the edge on a physically equal Smoke. Both studs go back and forth using:

  • Bearhugs
  • Schoolboy pins
  • Spanking
  • Gut Punches
  • and Sleeper holds!

A long and exhausting test of strength drains the energy from both wrestlers! Falling back to the mat, Smoke smothers Silas in a side headlock. Silas begins to fight for air before slowly losing consciousness. Did Smoke just put Silas to sleep? In a clever move, Silas fakes it before slamming Smoke with a devastating low blow! In an impressive show of power, the victor lifts his victim in a cruxifice submission! Refusing to tap, the loser passes out and is thrown limp to the mat!

Will the rookie beat Silas in his very first match? Download today to find out!