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Silas vs Tarzan - No Holds Barred 232

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Introducing - Tarzan - 5'7" 170 lbs

Tarzan is being a disrespectful punk and Silas is not going to let that happen. Silas lifts Tarzan straight up of the ground and swings him around the mat! Dropping to the mat, Silas stretches his boy toy out splitting open his legs and pulling them apart! Tarzan yells in pain and Silas adds to his punishment with a ball claw! Silas brutalizes Tarzan with a banana split submission before flinging him in the air and watching him slam into the mat! Tarzan is feisty, but not big enough to keep control of Silas. He repeatedly gets him in a sleeper hold or submission only for Silas to to power out and counter with an even more brutal move! 

Silas really hurts Tarzan in this match when he flips him over his shoulder and Tarzan hits the mat HARD! The camera cuts but Silas does not stop! The camera cuts back on and Silas is relentlessly pounding on Tarzan! The rookie is now in major pain and Silas is showing no mercy at all. A flip switches in Tarzan and he goes into survival mode and latches on Silas in a choke hold. Tarzan won't let go and Silas gets angry. He begins to throw Tarzan around the mat lifting up and throwing him down over and over!

But, Tarzan has a secret weapon he hasn't used yet! What is this hidden weapon Tarzan will use? Download it today and find out...