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Silas vs Tristan - Custom Video Series 166

$ 31.59

Tristan is busy when Silas comes up talking shit about how he can sleeper him out! Tristan blows him off but Silas will NOT let it go! Silas wraps his shredded biceps around Tristan's neck in a surprise attack! Tristan fights for air but passes completely out! Silas takes it even further tearing off Tristan's pants revealing his trunks. Tristan groggily wakes up just for Silas to lock him back up in a sleeper and squeeze the air out of him! 

When Tristan wakes up he is now COMPLETELY PISSED OFF! He lunges and snatches Silas up in a chest to chest bearhug before dropping him repeatedly over his knee low blowing him! Tristan slams Silas down delivering vicious gut punches over and over! Now Silas gets a taste of his own medicine and is put to sleep by Tristan! Tristan is now in control and rips off Silas's clothes and the matchup is on!

[Lovers of Sleepers THIS MATCH IS FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE! Both muscle studs go back and forth with every sleeper hold you can imagine. The grips get tighter and the muscles pump up after each and every sleeper hold!]

Who can hold their breath longer and last through this sleeper matchup? Download today to see who gets CHOKED OUT!