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Simpson vs Hellfire - Vegas Battles 92

$ 31.25

Tempers flare into an all-out brawl as a new muscle giant enters ready for war! The 6' 3" Dirk Hellfire silently stalks his prey as Simpson challenges him to a flex off. "Look at your lanky ass; you got no mass! Think you can handle all this?" taunts Simpson flexing his rock-hard biceps. "You're still small, bitch!" mocks Dirk Hellfire not backing down. A tense mercy challenge has the heated wrestlers battling back and forth for control. Hellfire breaks away and lifts the 210lbs Simpson in a belly to belly bearhug. Groaning in pain, Simpson is squeezed tighter and tighter in the giant's powerful arms before crumbling to the mat. "How's that feel little boy?" mocks Hellfire. The arrogant rookie wrenches Simpson's arm in a vicious hammerlock before taking him down to the mat. Simpson strains to escape as Hellfire wraps him in a standing head scissors. The blood quickly rushing from his brain, Simpson struggles but stands to his feet lifting the giant on his shoulders. "I'm gonna break you!" threatens the raging Simpson. Shaken up and down in a brutal fireman's carry, the broken Hellfire screams in pain and is slammed to the ground for a tight cradle. Things get hot and heavy as Simpson and Hellfire roll around and battle in head scissors, body scissors, arm-bars, and torturous tretches! A power struggle begins as Hellfire mounts Simpson's back and wraps his bicep around his throat in a tight sleeper. Gasping for air, Simpson barely escapes as the fierce battle continues. A grueling back breaker, smacks to the ass, and vicious rib attack leads to a breath-taking knockout!