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Simpson vs Iceman18 - 4K11

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Pushed to the edge, a wrestler loses control in this down and dirty matchup! Iceman18 and Simpson warmup stretching as the trash talk erupts. Simpson charges in for a surprise attack but gets trapped in a powerful headlock. Iceman18 squeezes tight dragging Simpson around until Simpson powers out with a shoulder carry. Groaning in pain, Iceman18 is shaken around on Simpson's shoulder then slammed down for a brutal arm-bar. The sound of splintering bone is seconds away before Iceman18 escapes. Things get hot and heavy as Simpson and Iceman18 roll around in pins and holds battling for control. First to his feet, Iceman18 lifts Simpson in an over-the-knee back breaker and delivers a brutal ball claw. Simpson screams in pain and collapses to the mat as the dominant Iceman18 flexes in victory. Hungry for payback, Simpson recovers and takes Iceman18 down in an over-the-shoulder throw. Iceman18 is laid out barely moving as Simpson launches his attack with a reverse head scissors, leg stretches, and grueling banana split. Both wrestlers drip with sweat from the intense battle. The match gets down and dirty as Iceman18 uses his bag of dirty tricks to take Simpson down. "You're looking tired?" mocks Iceman18 as he wraps Simpson in a tight sleeper. Gasping for air, Simpson strains to break free but collapses to the mat. Iceman18 mounts his victim's chest and buries Simpson's face between his powerful quads. His strength quickly fading, Simpson barely escapes as the battle rages on. All hell breaks loose as one wrestler is pushed to his breaking point and snaps! Painful submissions, bearhugs, gut punches, and dirty tricks lead to a jaw-dropping finish. "I told you not to make me mad!" yells the enraged winner standing over his victim.