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Skyler Logan pin headlock submission hold submit

Skyler vs Logan - Mat Rats 49

$ 31.25

Skyler is admiring his own muscles and talking about how big they are, when Logan comes along and says that hes got bigger muscles than Skyler. These two lean, smooth, muscular, young studs pose for a while as they brag on themselves and criticize the other guy, both obviously impressed with their own physiques. The trash talk leads to some chest bumping with Skyler telling Logan hes about to get thrown to the ground. But Skylers inexperience shows itself as Logan pulls Skylers tank top over his head and gives him a few punches to the gut. Thats why you dont wear a shirt to a wrestling match. Logan tells the fresh faced newbie. Skyler takes off the shirt as he gets up from the mat, leaving him in a pair of square cut briefs that really showcase his muscular body. Skyler then locks up with clean cut, handsome Logan, who is feeling confident after his early domination of the arrogant Skyler. The two young grapplers tie each other up on the mat for a bit and Logan once again dominates, putting Skyler in a school boy pin. When they lock up again, Skyler gets Logan for a two count, but Logan reverses, plants his butt on Skylers chest and locks him up in a hold before standing for a victory flex. Showing off his muscles, Logan says Thats what just took you down. These two young muscleheads pose again, feeling each others muscles as well as their own as they brag on themselves. The two cocky bucks taunt each other about who is a real man and who is a boy, with a comment or two about penis size. Logan again takes advantage of Skylers inexperience by tricking him into a full nelson, telling him he is going to show him something about flexing. We get some great close ups of Skylers hot body as he tries to power out of the full nelson. When he finally does break free, Skyler gets revenge on Logan by putting him in an over shoulder carry. Skyler savors his domination of Logan as he drops him to the mat and punches him in the gut, ordering Logan to Stay down. Skyler then traps Logans head between his muscular, slightly furry, thighs. Skyler flexes and brags as Logan struggles to breathe. When Logan breaks out, he puts Skyler in a choke, followed by a leg and arm stretch that leaves Skyler stretched out four ways. After they break, scrappy Skyler is in pain but ready to fight some more. But Logan quickly puts him in an over the knee backbreaker, followed by a body scissors. Skyler retaliates with a cradle. Logan breaks free and gets Skyler in a school boy pin, flexing his guns as he sits on Skylers chest. When Skyler gets out, he puts Logan in a body scissors. Logan then puts Skyler in a belly to back bear hug. Skyler retaliates with a belly to back bear hug of his own, telling Logan Submit to me. Now. Logan backs Skyler into the wall to break free of the bear hug, then gives Skyler some gut punches followed by a tombstone, dropping Skyler on his head. Saying, Im not done with you yet Logan puts Skylers head in a standing leg scissors followed by a two handed choke lift. He asks Skyler Whos the little man now, huh? Then he drops Skyler to the mat and flexes over him with his foot on Skylers stomach. When Skyler gets to his feet, he is ready for revenge and he puts Logan in an over the shoulder carry and does some squats, saying This guy is a pussy. Then he throws Logan to the mat and its Skylers turn to do some posing with his foot on Logans stomach. When they lock up again Skyler keeps control, puts Logan in an ab stretch and then throws him down. As he flexes over him, cocky Skyler says Come on pansy get up. The insult is too much for Logan and he quickly takes Skyler down, telling him No one calls me a pansy. Then he puts Skyler into a variation of a Boston crab, with Logan standing as he bends Skylers back. With Skyler almost passed out from pain, Logan puts his foot on Skylers back and does some victory flexing. But Logans not satisfied that he has sufficiently dominated cocky Skyler and he finishes him off with a sleeper. Lights out. Logan says with a grin as he leaves Skyler passed out on the mat.


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