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Slash vs Fang - No Holds Barred 84

Slash vs Fang - No Holds Barred 84

$ 34.75

Muscle Mat Veteran vs Tenacious Rookie! 

Slash is back to take on Thunder’s newest wrestler Fang.  Locking up, Slash takes Fang to the mat, hooking his leg and riding him before flipping over for a body rack.  Slash switches to a side bodyscissors, using his thick quads to squeeze Fang’s midsection.  Fang grimaces in pain as the muscled thighs do their worst!  Slash quickly moves to mount Fang, locking his legs up in a grapevine and smothering his face with his big pecs!  Fang digs deep and manages to throw Slash off him, pulling him to his feet and into a Full Nelson and a rear bearhug before letting him go.  “I’ll give you a fair chance” says the newly-confident Fang.  A rookie mistake?

The two men lock up again and Slash goes low, lifting Fang and throwing over his shoulder to the mat.  Slash follows down, again scissoring the leg and trapping Fang, throwing in a ball claw for good measure!  Fang recovers as Slash gets to his feet, flexing and posing for the fans!  Slash goes back on the attack, tying up Fang’s legs in a leglock.  Fang slithers out, but Slash is right there with a rear bearhug to crush his prey!  More flexing from Slash gives Fang an opening – he charges in and hoists Slash off the mat only to slam him back down, knocking the wind out of the muscled hunk.  Fang covers Slash and hooks the leg for a pin, but this isn’t that kind of match!  Fang wraps his legs around Slash’s in a revenge Grapevine.  Slash is trapped under the rookie as Fang poses for the camera!  Fang gets cocky, doing press ups over Slash.  “I’m gonna make you my little bitch today!”  Fang is oozing confidence as he works over the veteran, but it’s not enough as Slash manages to roll out!  Another lock up and Slash trips Fang, sending the newbie crashing to the mat.  Fang is in for a world of hurt as Slash splashes his muscular body down on Fang over and over again!  Slash is just manhandling Fang!  Slash catches Fang in a spladle, tearing him apart and adding to the pain with a shot to the balls!  Fang isn’t so cocky now!

Slash drags Fang up and over his shoulder, spanking him and parading him around the mat!  Another grapevine press has Fang wilting from the heat of Slash’s muscle!  Fang is fading as Slash rejoins his attack on Fang’s legs – Fang can do nothing but weather the punishment.  Slash invites Fang to a Test of Strength, but Slash ultimately finds himself caught in Fang’s bearhug!  The smaller man can’t hold it though, leading to Slash showing him how it’s done!  The two trade bearhugs, trying to crush the other into submission.  A brutal ab stretch from Fang has Slash in real trouble, but Slash holds on!  Fang adds to the punishment by clawing Slash’s big pecs, his abs, his balls – anything he can!  Slash’s face is a portrait of agony as Fang works him over – Slash submits!  Fang takes the first submission!

Can Slash come back and teach the newbie a lesson?  Or will Fang upset the veteran and claim his first victory?  The intensity ratchets up as the stakes get higher – they’re not done yet!  Get this match today and see if old or new school wins out!