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Sly Adam Bryant head scissors pinned pecs chest abs arms biceps

Sly vs Adam Bryant - No Holds Barred 65

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

Beauty vs The Beast!

Sly is back!  Taking on one of Thunder’s Arena’s newest wrestlers, the adult movie sensation Adam Bryant, Sly is obviously not out to take prisoners!  Joining the match in progress, Adam is trapped in Sly’s headlock, his head being crushed against the bigger man’s body!  Clad in a tight-fitting singlet, Sly is a big, hirsute guy who is out to decimate all the pretty muscle boys, starting with Adam!  Sly scoops Adam up over his shoulder and slams him down to the mat, pressing down on him, before pulling him up and slamming him down again!  Adam (clad in an awesome silver singlet!), doesn’t know where he is as Sly catches him in a leg lock, torqueing his knee!  Adam is writhing in agony, trying to escape!  Sly uses his bodyweight to keep Adam down, hammering him with multiple elbow strikes, before pinning and smothering Adam with his barrel-like chest.  Adam capitalises on a distraction and catches Sly in a headscissors, but the behemoth just picks him up and slams him down again – Adam is being manhandled!  Sly is oozing confidence and brutishness as he mounts Adam and SQUEEZES his head between his gargantuan thighs!  A brutal CAMEL CLUTCH!!

Sly is all over Adam as he applies a wicked arm bar before pounding the stud’s abs over and over with fists and elbows!  Adam manages to roll Sly over and mounts him in a flexing schoolboy pin, his singlet straps stretching over his pumped pecs!  He can’t contain the bucking behemoth underneath though and Sly throws him off.  Adam’s perfect pecs become a target for the vicious Sly as he hammers on them with both fists, before wrapping his legs around Adam’s in a withering grapevine!  Adam fights for breath as Sly uses all his size and power to crush him into the mats!  You gotta wonder what Adam did to Sly to warrant this kind of punishment!  A low blow from Adam has Sly on the receiving end of a gut bashing, but Sly counters with an AWESOME BEARHUG, lifting Adam off the ground and almost breaking his spine!  Adam goes low again before trapping Sly in a picture-perfect headscissors.  Another lift and slam and Sly gets in a ball claw of his own!  A nasty headscissor / ball claw combination has one wrestler demanding a submission!

HEADSCISSOR CITY CENTRAL!!  Figure-Four, Crotch-to-Face, 69-Double headscissors!  Both these guys love to use their legs!  One wrestler is literally spanked!  Bearhugs, smothering pins, major ab bashing!  These guys are not just out to win, but to utterly humiliate the other guy!  Will Sly be victorious in his comeback match?  Can Adam slay the Beast and claim a notch in the win column?  Get this hard and vicious match today and see for yourself!