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Sly vs Ludwig - Custom Video Series 84

$ 15.00
$ 31.59

 This was a custom match requested by a fan who LOVES old school pro wrestling matches back in the 1970s where the big guys would talk trash about how great they were to the camera for several minutes and brag how they are the best looking, strongest, most amazing wrestlers!  Yet there bodies were old school guys like your neighbors or people in your town, not like todays overly ripped shredded muscle monsters.  This match is dedicated to those people who love old school style wrestling!   

"I'm the greatest; nobodies stronger than me! Look at this!" The Italian behemoth flexes his colossal frame giving you the fans a private muscle show. "So much to contain!" Sly peels off his tank top and pants exposing his gorilla sized chest and tree trunk quads. The devious beast begins to plot his future attack, "I love hurting people that think they're so strong! I SQUEEZE them so tight; they can't even breathe!" Sly continues to pose as Ludwig walks behind him. "What are you doing?" The Italian muscle bull sees red, grabs the bodybuilder by the neck, and launches him to the mat! Sly UNLOADS on the German hulk: kicking, stomping, and delivering a vicious leg lock! Ludwig groans in pain. "Enter my promo! Who do you think you are?" A NECK-BREAKING full nelson and crushing sleeper have the mighty German powerless to escape; his mountain of muscles slump to the mat as he passes out! Sly flexes in victory over his fallen opponent.

Ludwig soon recovers mocking his competition, "I didn't know I was gonna be wrestling a blubbery seal!" The muscle beasts engage in a pose off comparing their bulging biceps and thick chests. "My chest is wider than yours!" declares Sly. Ludwig wants revenge and decides to challenge the Italian's strength in a BEARHUG BATTLE, "I'm gonna crush you!" "You can try!" The German tank delivers a brutal low blow then picks up Sly in a massive rear bearhug shaking him around, "Where's the six pack? I see nothing!" laughs Ludwig. "I got it!" The Italian lifts the muscle hunk over his head in a giant front bearhug sending him down to the mat, "Feel that power!" The back and forth battle continues; these giant slabs of muscle collide like freight trains trying to BREAK each other in half! Bearhugs in the air, bearhugs on their knees, bearhugs down on the mat, their thick muscles strain and SQUEEZE until their opponent taps out under the immense pressure! The muscle beasts pour in sweat and gasp for air as the bearhugs get tighter and tighter each round! During the match, Ludwig pulls ahead in the bearhug count. "Man you're just getting lucky!" scoffs Sly. The German flexes his powerful pythons, "You call these 18 inch monsters luck? You know how strong I am?" Ludwig picks up the Italian beast across his chest and begins CURLING Sly in the air! The power of these muscle monsters is unstoppable! Back-breaking bearhugs and loads of dirty tricks, one of these behemoths will pass out under the pain! Who will be left standing in this Battle of the Big Boys?