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Sly vs Wildcard - No Holds Barred 116

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

A Living Room Battle Royale!

Fans of heavyweight matches, are you ready for a combined 450 pound matchup full of bearhugs and back and forth action! These 2 muscle beasts don’t need a ring or a mat; they’re ready to destroy each other in a living room! Both wrestlers are sitting on the couch. Sly pushes Wildcard saying Wildcard’s not as big as him, and the match is on. Wildcard picks up Sly in a fireman’s carry and slams him on the ottoman. He puts Sly in a reverse head scissors squeezing him with his massive quads. Wildcard rolls Sly to the ground with his head scissors still locked in, and Sly is moaning in pain. Sly is able to deliver a ball claw, and Wildcard is forced to release the hold.

The two giants start rolling around on the floor then onto the couch. Wildcard shows his power and picks Sly up. With Sly draped across his chest, Wildcard spins him around then slams him on to the couch. He then picks Sly up in an overhead press before body slamming him on the other couch. Wildcard pins Sly to the couch by sitting on him and flexes for the camera. It’s Wildcard’s turn to deliver a ball claw! Sly is now upside down hanging off the couch. Wildcard pins Sly’s arms back using his legs and pulls back on Sly’s jaw to put him to sleep. Sly soon is snoring logs!

Wildcard wakes up Sly then pulls him onto the couch in a body scissor/full nelson hold. Wildcard says he’s not much of a trash talker, but Sly is helpless, and his “guido attitude” sets him off. Sly breaks the hold, picks Wildcard up onto his shoulder, and power slams him onto the couch!!! Sly sits on Wildcard’s chest, yanks back on his leg, and delivers another ball claw.

The match heads to the floor where Wildcard puts Sly in a ball claw/tight schoolboy pin. Wildcard stands Sly up then delivers a massive clothesline!!

Both goliaths get back up to their feet. Sly picks Wildcard up and slams him on the couch. Wildcard throws Sly back to the floor, delivers a vicious body scissors then transitions to a reverse head scissors! Wildcard says he’s not gonna make him tap; he wants to put him to sleep. He stands Sly up and puts him in two different sleeper hold/bearhug combinations. Sly clubs Wildcard sending him across the room. He picks Wildcard up in a massive front bearhug. The muscle beast is moaning in pain but breaks the hold.

Now on the floor, Wildcard elbow drops Sly. The two muscle giants begin throwing each other from couch to couch. Wildcard delivers another front bearhug and drops Sly to the couch. Sly retaliates and elbow drops Wildcard two times then takes him to the ground in a body scissors/sleeper hold. The mighty Wildcard is unable to break the hold and is counting sheep.

Sly wakes Wildcard up and begins pulling the beast’s arms behind his back. Wildcard is pouring sweat. His muscles straining, but he breaks Sly’s hold saying “it’s too easy!” Wildcard picks Sly up in another front bearhug and takes him to the ground. He puts Sly in a leg stretch/full Nelson combo, but Sly breaks away. Wildcard gets the advantage again. He pins Sly’s arms behind his head, locks up his legs, and delivers a one-handed choke to Sly’s neck. Will this be the end of Sly? Buy this insane battle of the big boys to find out!