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Smoke vs Tarzan - Vault 17

$ 25.95

Smoke - 5'10" 165 lbs vs Tarzan - 5'7" 170 lbs

What starts out as a bearhug challenge goes horribly wrong and people get hurt!

Tarzan jumps right on Smoke! Both wrestlers are at 100% from the start! An INTENSE bearhug has Tarzan fighting for his life! Bearhug after bearhug begins to exhaust both studs and the sweat starts to pour! Their breathing becomes labored and it looks like both guys may pass out soon! Smoke calls a truce only to trick Tarzan back into a chest to chest bearhug trying to break his ribs! Tarzan is helpless in Smokes grip and yells in agonizing pain! Tarzan then PASSES OUT FROM THE PAIN!

Smoke flexes over his passed out opponent showing off his shredded physique! Until Tarzan reaches up and grabs a handful of Smoke's balls! Smoke goes down fast and Tarzan wraps him up in a rear sleeper! Smoke is worn down and Tarzan uses a modified Boston crab submission to punish him even more! Tarzan stands up and wraps Smoke up in a standing headscissors before slamming him down and wrapping him up in a sleeper with both guys intensely face to face. 

An incredible ending has Tarzan showing just how strong he is! Power move after power move the smaller guy chokes, slams, and smashes Smoke into the mat! (RESULTING IN A VERY REAL INJURY FROM A VICIOUS POWERBOMB!!) You have to see it!