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Sparrow vs Iceman18 - Mat Wars 80

$ 31.25

“There’s only room for one big guy here.” “Oh yeah?  You should prove it!”

We open on Iceman18 going through some poses on the mats, boasting about his past victories and success here in the Arena.  Iceman18 really loves himself, proclaiming that there can be no argument that he’s the No.1 star!  Only Sparrow is definitely in a mood to argue… Wearing (very!) skimpy yellow trunks, Sparrow gets in Iceman18’s face and starts firing off a few poses of his own.  Iceman18 decide to let bravado do the talking and shoves Sparrow away.  Not one to be intimidated, Sparrow shoves him right back, challenging Iceman18 to a match!  Iceman18 tries to weasel out, but Sparrow won’t let up – Iceman18’s ego gets the better of him and the match begins!

The two men lock up, close and tight, with Iceman18 getting the advantage, slipping behind Sparrow for a Rear Bearhug, segueing into a front facelock!  Iceman18 peppers sparrow’s ribs with hard punches, leaving red marks with each impact.  Iceman18 works Sparrow into a choke hold, with added Pec Claw for extra pain!  Sparrow’s arms bulge as he fights to escape, eventually sweeping Iceman18’s legs from under him, sending them both toppling to the mat!  Sparrow quickly moves his legs into position for a headscissor, but Iceman18 fights him off.  Sparrow traps Iceman18 between his strong legs, but gets distracted by Iceman18’s physique, massaging his pecs!  Iceman18 takes advantage of the distraction to get free, and clamps a DOUBLE PEC CLAW on the surprised Sparrow!  And oh, how Sparrow screams as Iceman18’s fingers tear at his muscles!  Thinking he’s made his point, Iceman18 releases the hold – but Sparrow says he’s still not convinced!  They lock up again and this time Sparrow manages to take Iceman18 to the floor with a HIGH-IMPACT SUPLEX!  Iceman18’s back hits the mat like a lead weight!  Sparrow follows up with a headlock, but know that won’t be enough.

Sparrow ups his game, mounting Iceman18 in a Grapevine and slapping on pec and ball claws!  Iceman18 is trapped underneath as Sparrow takes advantage of his position, worshipping the musclehunk’s body before folding him up in a cradle.  “You tired yet?” asks Sparrow.  The two evenly-matches studs throw everything at each other – pounding blows to the ribs, tight schoolboy pins, bone-crunching bearhugs and more.  Iceman18 manages to get Sparrow’s head between his powerful thighs for a Standing Headscissor, but Sparrow manages to power out and responds with a picture-perfect BOSTON CRAB, torqueing and twisting Iceman18’s spine!  Sparrow is pumped, sweat making his body glisten under the lights.  He pins Iceman18 to the mat, his hand wrapped tight around Iceman18’s throat.  “Surrender!” Sparrow demands that Iceman18 give in, but he refuses – these two gladiators are nowhere near done with each other!

Can Iceman18 handle the intensity and speed of Sparrow?  Has Sparrow met his match in the popular musclehunk?  And can Sparrow’s trunks win the fight to contain his muscled glutes?  Get this match today and see for yourself!