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Sparrow vs Van - No Hold Barred 190

$ 31.25

A devious game of cat and mouse includes hot action, dirty tricks, and intense muscle worship! Sparrow finds Van Acker passed out on the mat and puts into motion his twisted plan. "You're gonna be another victim of my muscle worship!" threatens Sparrow. Licking his lips, Sparrow mounts Van Acker and pins him tight as the confused Van Acker is jarred awake. Straining to break free, Van Acker rolls around as Sparrow feverishly worships his tight body. The hot and heavy action has Van Acker yanking off Sparrow's trunks and lifting him in a crushing belly to belly bearhug. Sparrow gasps for air but escapes with a vicious ball claw then flips Van Acker over for more worship. The tense game of cat and mouse continues as Van Acker struggles to free himself from the muscle-hungry Sparrow. Out of nowhere, screams of pain fill the arena as a real-life injury nearly takes one wrestler out! Beaten and broken, the injured victim is dragged to the living room where things get down and dirty. A smothering head scissors, ball claws, smacks to the ass, and hot action leads to bodies flying and a flipped over couch! Dripping in sweat, Sparrow and Van Acker pin each other tight and battle on the floor, against the walls, and room to room. A sexy flex-off and muscle worship session leads to a steamy shower scene you won't forget! "I get to play with you a little longer!" laughs the maniacal winner.