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Specimen Archer muscle wrestling grappling Thunders Arena

Specimen vs Archer - Rough & Ready 68

$ 31.25

Archer's pissed...and he wants Specimen to know why : The protein powder he sold him isn't having the desired effect. It's all about the Gainz, and Archer's feeling small. While Specimen, even in off-season condition, wearing skimpy posers, is looking even LARGER than usual. In a foolish attempt to either get his money back, or get more effective supplements, Archer challenges Specimen, and the two mismatched combatants lock-up. Immediately establishing his Alpha status, Specimen racks Archer over his shoulder, then transitions into an inverted bearhug. Releasing Archer only means dropping him abruptly to the mat- no cushion on that hard living room floor. Specimen doesn't suffer such fools, and puts Archer into a full nelson, then a rear naked choke, hoping that he'll drop his insistence on reimbursement. But Archer persists, pays the price. He's down on the mat, with Specimen's full weight on his back. With his arms pinned way back, his shoulders straining, Archer's midsection is crushed by Specimen's massive quads. Adding insult to injury, Specimen slaps on a choke hold and continues to punish Archer's shoulders. Warming to the sadistic brutality, Specimen squeezes Archer's head between his gigantic thighs, as he flexes impressively over his victim. Now Archer's getting serious! In response, Specimen's attack only intensifies, as he drives Archer to the mat. But Archer manages to get his powerful legs around Specimen's massive upper torso, and into a figure-four leg lock around the massive bodybuilder's neck. But Specimen rises and slams Archer to the mat, hard. Rebounding, Archer climbs onto Specimen's broad back and gets a choke hold on him- leaving the juggernaut momentarily stunned and breathless. Amazingly, Archer utilizes the furniture to gain altitude for an impressive and very effective elbow drop on Specimen's vulnerable lower back. The BIG Man is hurtin'...Another crushing elbow drop keeps Specimen down on the mat, suffering, as Archer flexes arrogantly over him. Will these guys never learn? Specimen rises like the Kraken, and puts a choke hold on Archer, lifting him off his feet in an impressive show of strength. Despite Archer's desperate pleas, Specimen slams him into a devastating backbreaker over his knee, adding a kick for good measure. With Archer in an inverted nelson, Specimen hoists him onto his shoulder, then presses him overhead...and finally dumps him all the way down to the hard mat below. Archer manages to recover, and tries to give Specimen a taste of his own medicine. An attempted overhead press fails, and Specimen punishes Archer with another backbreaker and a shoulder rack, until he's sobbing "I give, I give" in submission. When Specimen relents, Archer tries a choke hold on him, but gets the wind knocked out of him for his efforts. Specimen poses over his victim...and Archer attempts a full nelson on the beast. He tries in vain to lift Specimen off the mat, but only succeeds to get trapped by Quadzilla, with his head crushed. Archer's arsenal of defense includes a figure four leglock on Specimen's thick neck, but he only gets hoisted high as Specimen rises with Archer on his shoulders. Once again, Archer is hurled to the hard mat, and Specimen attacks with a vicious choke hold, followed by a bone-crushing press slam. Archer maneuvers his legs around Specimen's waist and torques his striated delt and elbow, putting some real hurt on the herculean bodybuilder. In revenge, Specimen puts an inverted choke hold on Archer and puts him to sleep. With his opponent unconscious at his feet, will Specimen's bloodlust be satisfied? Or will Archer continue to suffer at the hands of Specimen, as he unleashes a barrage of brutality on his unfortunate challenger?