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Specimen Athena butt thighs pecs chest abs arms

Specimen vs Athena - Custom Video Series 16

$ 39.95

Big, powerful, wrestling beast Specimen brings his hot, muscular girlfriend to the Thunders mat for a little wrestling. Shes in amazing shape and is eager to give her big beefy boyfriend a lesson in wrestling. This is some wild and sexy stuff as Athena shows Specimen how much power shes got in that sexy body of hers and shes no stranger to some cocky trash talk on the mat, asking her man How do you like that? as she applies a neck scissors with her powerful thighs. Sometimes the action is intense, as when Athena locks Specimen in an iron clad bear hug and sometimes it is playful as Specimen applies a bear hug but tickles Athenas belly with his mouth. If you enjoy watching a muscular woman put a man in his place, youll see some of that too as Athena sits on the big mans back, pulls back his huge arms and makes the muscleman submit. Its obvious big Specimen enjoys submitting when his opponent is his sexy, muscular girlfriend. These two make for one smoking hot power couple. Be sure to check out this very sexy match between muscle god and muscle goddess. Its hot.