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Specimen vs Big Sean - Bodybuilder Battle 68

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Two of the biggest Alpha studs ever to wrestle at Thunders Arena are together in this videoand it is pure gold for fans of big muscle. Big Sean is a relative new comer to Thunders, but he is one big, strong muscle beast, with huge arms, thick chest and massive legs. He has already demonstrated his ability to dominate opponents in his two earlier matches. His big Alpha bud Specimen is a Thunders veteran with a massive physique even bigger than Sean. So Sean hires Specimen to give him some posing tips. But the egos clash real quick as Specimen shows himself to be as tough and unforgiving as a coach as he is as a wrestler. Sean quickly loses patience listening to Specimens criticism of his massive physique and posing ability. Not surprisingly, its not long before these two big muscle bulls are going at it. Its an amazing sight to see so much muscle competing for domination on the mat. Thick beefy pecs, huge arms, tree trunk legs, massive lat spreads, gorilla shoulders, huge, cocky egos its all there on display as these two battle it out posing and wrestling. These big hunks use bear hugs, school boy pins, full nelsons, neck and body scissors, headlocks, choke holds, trash talk, gut punching, over the shoulder carries and backbreakers trying to dominate each other. One of these massive body builders will do a victory pose with his foot on the other to end this match. Which one of these huge musclegods will it be? Get the video to find out. This video is muscle heaven. Dont miss it.