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Specimen vs Brian Cage - Bodybuilder Battle 78

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

The match opens with Specimen talking trash, dissing the fans and saying hes tired of hearing their feedback. The nerve! This guy thinks he is Gods gift to Thunders. We cut to Brian Cage, who boasts about how easily he is going through the roster. He calls out Specimen, thinking the big guy will be more of a challenge than the smaller guys hes wrestled so far.

The two hulking men square up on the mat and Specimen immediately starts to mock Brian Cage for his shoes, but Brian fires back that Specimen thinks he can wrestle simply because he lifts weights and drinks shakes. Brian tells Specimen that he is going to give him a 3 to four minute lesson, during which he will tap out repeatedly.

Brian Cage begins his assault and quickly goes through a series of moves; bearhug, half nelson, before taking Specimen to the mat.

Brian mocks the tattoos scattered around Specimens beefy frame, calling them pencil drawings. Specimen, no stranger to trash-talking and ridicule, fires back who did your beard, Razor Ramone?, before breaking free and the pair get back to their feet, circling the mat. Not bad, not bad says Brian as he attacks again with another bear hug. But Specimen reverses and returns the favor, attempting to crush the equally massive Brian Cage in his arms.

Brian frees himself and takes Specimen down by the leg, smashing him to the mat and begins working over his knee. He mocks his hulking adversary, lets see how flexible you are. Brian attempts a headlock, but Specimen shows his strength by lifting the equally massive Brian off the mat and into a firemans carry, parading around the mat, before tossing him at his feet and stomping Brian in the gut.

Brian shows his true professional wrestling skills by once again taking Specimen to the mat and rolling all the way up Specimens back to trap him in a headlock. The two trade bearhugs, displaying their raw power and massive size by repeatedly lifting each other off the mat and crushing each other in their huge arms.

The hulks return to the mat and Specimen gets his powerful legs wrapped around Brians waist in a devastating body scissor, but Brian uses his wrestling experience to break free and gets Specimen in a move that looks like the bodybuilders back will break from being bent so far.

Brian suggests a test of strength and the two intertwine their fingers for the showdown. Heads together, sweat pouring off their rippling bodies, the two clash and Brian Cage is the first to break. The trash talk continues as they circle the mat before Brian Cage once again gets Specimen in a firemans carry before throwing him down and figure-four ing him and then going for a head scissors. But Specimen doesnt give up easily and lifts Brian by standing straight up so that Brian nearly hist his head on the ceiling. Specimen parades around the mat before dumping Brian to the ground.

Brian isnt happy and releases an all-out assault on Specimen, repeatedly kicking him in the gut and torturing him with an arm bar. Buts still Specimen doesnt submit and the two keep trading moves, while their sweat makes them slip and slide on the mat and each other.

Repeated body and head scissors are traded back and forth between these two muscle gods which ends when Brian gets back to his feet and starts targeting Specimens abs with kicks, knees and punches. Specimen returns the favor with a powerful elbow (look for the slow motion replay) and then displays his strength by gorilla pressing his equally beefy opponent.

Brian tortures Specimen again by attacking his knee and demands a submission, telling Specimen Tap it!

Does Specimen submit? Will Brian chew through one more opponent on his way to the top of the roster? Buy the match now and find out.