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Specimen JavyD wrestling grappling dominate

Specimen vs JavyD - Rough & Ready 67

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

It's Payback Time! So it seems that there's some confusion about money owed to Specimen- never a good spot to find yourself in, especially for the grinning, beefy but completely overpowered JavyD. The gigantic Specimen confronts him in the living room, with both men in posers, and a verbal confrontation quickly escalates to physical violence.Specimen easily presses JavyD overhead, then drops him to the mat below, to let him know this is nothing to smile about. He hauls JavyD to his feet and right into a full nelson, the up into a backbreaker over his shoulder, then again, slams him to the mat. Applying a shoulder stretch on JavyD, Specimen wraps his massive quads around the poor guys waist and crushes his ribcage, with a wrenching shoulder stretch added to the equation of maximum pain.Transitioning to a rear naked choke on JavyD, Specimen dominates his opponent completely, flexing over his suffering victim. JavyD tries to tackle Specimen, but fails, and is repaid with crashing forearm smashes to his lower back. Specimen hauls JavyD to his feet, cranks on an unrelenting inverted choke hold, and quickly puts JavyD out cold on the mat. But the brutal beast is not done yet, not nearly- he still hasn't gotten his money....Specimen slaps JavyD back into consciousness and racks him on his massive shoulders, then abruptly tosses him onto the mat. He hauls the stunned JavyD up, then over his knee into an excruciating backbreaker. Without giving Javy a moment to recover, he's dragged to his feet again and up into another over-the-shoulder backbreaker, with a choke hold to increase the torment.Once again, Specimen crushes JavyD's neck and head with his massive quads, and grabbing his ankles, rolls him around on the mat, like a 'gator dismembering his prey.In a desperate attempt to placate the monstrous Specimen, JavyD tries flattery - but miscalculates, and his punch to Specimen's iron-plated abs only further enrages the beast. Specimen delivers a retaliatory punch to JavyD's gut, which drops him to his knees, breathless. There's some trash talk about Army versus Marines, but Specimen isn't having any of it, and clamps a choke hold on JavyD. Boo Ra! From there, it's an easy transition into a torturous shoulder stretch, with Specimen wrenching JavyD's neck as well.Once again, JavyD is dragged to his feet, put into an inverted choke, with shoulder stretch and ankle-breaker variations.There are stunning kicks to gut and back, even the infamous "Big Toe" hold on the suffering JavyD. Specimen unleashes his full arsenal, including Facial Disfigurement, and a final, finishing, fatal elbow drop that knocks JavyD out cold. As expected, since Specimen has still not been paid the money due him, the punishment continues. It's not a question of IF, but WHEN and HOW Specimen will ultimately exact payment from JavyD...and that's the sadistic pleasure that awaits in this sensational squash match.