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specimen mike buff lift and carry bearhug submission hold submit

Specimen vs Mike Buff - Bodybuilder Battle 66

$ 31.25

Tough new guy Mike Buff calls out big muscular Specimen, asking him if he thinks hes tough. Specimen almost cant believe the disrespect from the newcomer. After Mike Buff taunts the big bodybuilder some more, Specimen decides it is time to show the smart mouthed newcomer what he can do with all that muscle. Specimen quickly puts Buff into an over the shoulder backbreaker, bouncing the tough wise guy a few times to maximize the pain. Buff shows his toughness and comes back to put Specimen in a bearhug from behind. The power of these two big hunks is amazing to watch as they grapple and throw each other around. Both of these muscular beasts get in a few humiliating school boy pins, with lots of flexing and cocky trash talk. Specimen loves dominating guys who dont show him respect and you can see him taking pleasure in the punishment he administers to the arrogant new guy. Specimen uses his massive legs to put Mike Buff in several head and body scissors, at the same time doing some flexing with his massive guns while he squeezes the life out of him. There are plenty of full nelsons and shoulder carries and Specimen gets Buff in a torture rack that goes on forever. The punishment these guys inflict on each other is brutal. There are gut shots and head shots, knees to the ribs, sleepers and cradles. In the end, one of these two big bruisers leaves the other out cold on the mat after delivering a relentless beating followed by some very hot victory flexing. Does the tough talking new guy put down big bodybuilder Specimen? Or does Specimens power shut the tough talking new guy up? Get the video and find out.