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Specimen vs Twist - Bodybuilder Battle 69

$ 34.75

Newcomer Twist is a big, muscular guy at 6'3 230 pounds. Trying to be friendly, he asks massive veteran Specimen how much he can lift. Cocky Specimen clearly doesnt consider Twist to be his equal and has no interest in talking to the big rookie. Twist is offended by Specimens arrogant attitude and these two muscle hunks quickly start with the trash talk. Not surprisingly, Specimen decides to use his power to teach Twist a lesson in respect and drags him onto the mat. These two big Alpha males both have huge egos. Twist thinks his arms are bigger. Specimen tells Twist everything hes got is bigger than Twist, and that Twists body is too pale his legs are too hairy. Specimens legendary power and brutal mat skills clearly give him the advantage over the muscular Twist. Its not long before Specimen is slamming Twist to the mat, calling him bitch and giving him a spanking. Twist uses his power to do some reversals and puts Specimen in some impressive holds, even dishing out a little humiliation of his own. There are lots of bear hugs, leg scissors, choke holds and school boy pins. But what makes this match really hot is the way Specimen humiliates big Twist. He rubs his pecs in Twists face telling him to lick the sweat, puts Twist in a head scissors with his face deep in Specimens massive thighs, even burying Twists face in some other places while asking Twist how it smells and tastes. But the ultimate domination is at the end of the match. After Specimen puts Twist out with a sleeper, he sits on Twists back and does something that makes Twist scream like a baby, begging Specimen to stop. This incredible ending is something you wont want to miss.