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Spike vs Marco - Easter Bash 2017

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Has Mr Mike got an Easter treat for you!

Introducing Spike, Thunder’s newest recruit, here in his debut match!  Spike, in blue trunks, is clearly no stranger to the gym, sporting a muscular physique with thick quads and big, lightly-haired pecs.  Spike is gunning to make a name for himself at Thunder’s Arena, starting with taking down Marco!

Spike is already on the mat, pumping up with some press-ups.  Marco, perhaps sensing that Spike is going to anything but a pushover, catches Spike unawares, shoving him to the mat.  Marco, decked out in new pink trunks, is in awesome condition as he wraps his muscular arms around Spike for a kneeling bearhug.  Spike tries to reciprocate, but Marco quickly pushes back, sending them all the way to the mat where he quickly clamps a headlock on the rookie stud.  But Spike fights his way out, and the two lock up again.  Wasting no time, Spike goes on the offensive, working his way around Marco and wrapping his arms around for a rear bearhug, before catching Marco in a choke hold!  Spike definitely means business!  A rookie mistake gives Marco the chance to mount the new recruit and drill hard punches into his abs and pecs!  But Marco gets cocky, flexing a double bi and giving Spike a prime target – his perfectly sculpted abs!  Spike drills a double axehandle punch, followed by multiple blows to Marco’s midsection!  Marco is stunned and defenceless as Spike slaps on a sleeper hold.  But Spike doesn’t want the match to end yet – he wants to send a message to the rest of the roster!

Both gladiators decide to go standing, trash talking each other before locking up.  Marco gets behind Spike and traps Spike in a full nelson!  Spike’s muscled torso is on full display as he struggles and tries to escape!  He manages to prise Marco’s hands apart and takes them both to the mat, mounting Marco and resuming his brutal attack on the bodybuilder’s abs!  Spike rains blow after blow down on Marco, following up with massive elbow smashes!  They lock up again and Marco takes them right back to the mat, tying Spike up in an arm lock / cradle combo!  Spike refuses to give, so Marco switches to a Boston Crab!  But Spike’s impressive quads aren’t just for show – he uses them to propel Marco forwards and escape!  The two physical specimens flex at each other, before Marco takes Spike’s arm and THROWS HIM TO THE MAT!  Marco again straddles Spike, pinning his arms to the mat as he drills his fist into Spike’s abs!  The two start slugging it out, trading punches and trying to batter the other’s abs down – this has turned into all-out war!  There is obviously no love lost here as they tear into each other!  Spike turns his attention to Marco’s meaty lats, dropping elbow smashes and punches into them.  Marco is looking for the tatters of his attack plan as Spike traps him in a Standing Head Scissors!  Spike falls sideways with Marco still trapped in the constricting head scissor, before manhandling the bodybuilder into a nelson scissor combo.  Spike then rams Marco’s head into the floor, knocking him unconscious!

This battle is a long way from over as Spike unloads on Marco with scissor holds, punches and throws.  Suddenly, Marco lashes out with his legs, catching Spike in a seriously tight headscissor of his own!  Can Marco come back and teach the rookie a lesson?  Or will Spike pull off the upset of the century?  One thing’s for sure, if you’re a fan of big guys beating the hell out of each other on the mats, then this match is for you!  An extremely impressive debut from Spike and a SHOCKING ENDING make this a must-own match!