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Stallion vs Gino - Bodybuilder Battle 169

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Hold on tight as two freight trains are about to collide in one of the HOTTEST bodybuilder battles you have ever seen! Barreling in, the 535lbs of beefy muscle smacks together sending shockwaves through the arena as a violent shoving match erupts. Flexing their boulder biceps, the goliaths BATTLE for the camera's spotlight arguing over who is bigger, badder, and stronger; their hulking frames so close you could reach out and touch them! "I am so much bigger than you!" taunts Stallion wrapping his powerful pythons around his prey in a surprise NECK-BREAKING full nelson. Groaning in pain, the 260 pounder is swung around mid-air; his furry pecs STRETCHED to their limits ready to rip apart before he is tossed to the mat. "Nobody wants to see that hairy chest; they wanna see nice and smooth!" Angry, Gino struggles to his feet as the flex off and shoving intensifies, "This is a man's body! Can you even grow hair, little boy?" His back turned, Stallion is lifted in a RIB-CRACKING belly to back bearhug as he struggles for air and is thrown down. "Who's the best? Right here!" flexes the hairy hulk as the muscle giant recovers getting a quick bicep pump with some push ups. Testing his strength, Gino sits on the behemoth's back but is easily lifted off the ground only fueling his rage. Back up, the heavyweights flex their monstrous backs and juicy pecs CHEST BUMPING each other harder and harder for control. "I'm way bigger; I can bench 500lbs!" threatens Gino. "You are so much smaller than me; I'm so much better than you!" mocks Stallion wrapping his 20 inch bicep around his victim in a VISELIKE headlock, "You like it down there, don't you?" The blood quickly rushing from his brain, Gino lifts the 275 pounder by his tree-trunk quad and SLAMS him on his face, the deafening thud jarring the big man. "See that? He's got nothing on this; that was strength!" flexes the hairy hulk dragging the behemoth into a brutal headlock of his own. A surge of strength has Stallion overpowering his captor, lifting him mid-air, and CURLING him up and down across his gorilla size chest, "I'll show you what a man's body looks like, hahaha!" Powerless to escape, Gino is nearly broken in half with a DEVASTATING over-the-knee back breaker; his motionless frame dragged to his knees in a tight sleeper! Gasping for air, the dominant Stallion releases his hold wrapping his victim in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors, "I thought you were gonna be a challenge at first; I'm kind of disappointed!" In desperation, Gino trips the muscle giant on his face retaliating with a crushing standing head scissors, SLAPPING his hairy quads of steel rattling his brain, "Man thighs!" His blood boiling, Stallion stands up in the torturous hold easily lifting the 260 pounder on his boulder shoulders and flexes his tree-trunk quad, "That's a man's thigh! Are you scared of heights?" PANIC sweeps across Gino's face as he begs for mercy; his skull ruthlessly driven face first to the mat from 6 feet in the air! Laid out, the hairy heavyweight is folded in a vicious cradle; Stallion's meaty forearm GRINDING deeper and deeper into his face until he passes out from the excruciating pain! "Waste of my time, get up!" orders the dominant vet as his victim wakes up hungry for revenge. "I'm not done; this is my show!" declares Gino; the flex off battle continuing. "Says the guy who was on his back 2 seconds ago; they wanna see the bigger man!" taunts Stallion with another full nelson, but the hairy hulk breaks free jumping on his back for a sleeper. Struggling for air, the 275 pounder nearly crumbles to his knees but flips Gino heading over heels sending him CRASHING down to the mat and knocked unconscious as Stallion walks away in victory. "That was easy, another day at the office!" brags the Italian giant sitting on the couch; his drink knocked from his hands by the RAGING Gino still flexing, "We're not done! You see this; you think I'm done?" Pissed off, Stallion unleashes his power with grueling hammerlocks and a tight full nelson SMASHING his victim's face into the wall as he groans in pain, "You come back for seconds? I got plenty; I'm an all you can eat buffet!" The flex off brutal battle continues to the dining room as the chandelier light glistens off their mounds of sweaty, beefy muscle. Gino strikes with a vicious headlock, "Where you at now big guy, another day at the office?" Wedged tight against his furry pec, Stallion strains but breaks out WRENCHING the rookie's arms back nearly out of socket in a double hammerlock and GUT PUNCHES his chiseled abs as he screams in agony! "On your knees boy; this is Stallion's house!" The hairy hulk struggles to breathe collapsing to the ground but has a secret plan for revenge. Flexing in victory, a sharp knee to the gut knocks the wind out of the 275 pounder as he's doubled over in pain. "Come on little guy; it's like walking a hairless poodle!" mocks Gino DRAGGING Stallion by his hair back to the mat for a final heavyweight showdown. A devastating sleeper, double chicken wing, brutal belly to back bearhug, and bone-shattering body scissors all lead up to a BREATH-TAKING finish you will be watching again and again! "Now who's the bigger man? This is my ring!"