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Stallion vs Andre - Bodybuilder Battle 156

$ 31.25

The 265lbs behemoth flexes as a tiny new rookie barrels in CRASHING into the wall of muscle falling flat on his back, "Holy s**t! I thought that was all fat; you still look fat though!" moans Andre peeling himself off the mat. "You look like a bug hit by a windshield, found out firsthand that's not all fat!" taunts Stallion. Still on the ground, the newbie wraps his arms around the giant's granite slab leg, but he doesn't budge, "You're slow too; you're gonna tire out eventually!" "What the hell is this? Small, tiny person come at me out of nowhere and just attack me?" yells Stallion walking around with the rookie attached to his leg. "All that muscle and no stamina!" taunts Andre letting go, jumping on the muscle hulk's back with a sleeper, but he feels nothing, flexing his powerful pythons. "Go ahead and hang off it; that's what a real bicep looks like!" declares Stallion easily holding up the rookie HANGING from his arm. "Show me what you got big guy; I don't think you can get me off of you!" challenges Andre jumping on the behemoth again for a scissor/sleeper combo sending him over the edge. "Get off me; you're here to wrestle!" The muscle monster TOSSES the lightweight across the arena and locks up with him yanking his arm behind his back. "That doesn't hurt!" mocks the rookie. "I'm just getting warmed up. This is wrestling; what you were doing earlier, I don't know what that is!" Powerless to escape, Andre falls to his knees as the behemoth wraps his tree-trunk quads around him in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors, "That's what it feels like between the world's biggest thighs! You're mine for the next 20 minutes!" flexes Stallion. "The world's biggest thighs don't hurt!" groans the rookie sending the muscle giant into a rage taking his scissors down to the mat SLAMMING him side to side. "You're so tiny!" taunts the beast yanking his victim's pencil size arms nearly out of socket transitioning to an arm bar/body scissors combo. "Look at this tiny little arm; I can break this elbow if I wanted to! Do you even have a bicep?" WEDGED deep in his powerful quads, Andre groans in pain, "You're just getting lucky!" barely holding on. "You like being choked out; don't you, in between a bigger man's thighs?" Stallion rolls his prey to his back; his skull still BURIED in his meaty quads with the giant on his knees, "Is that comfortable? I can't hear you!" The cocky rookie still won't quit, "It doesn't hurt!" "What? I'll make it hurt!" Yanking his hair, the 265 pounder SMOTHERS his prey in his trunks and mounts his chest pinning his arms down with his knees while flexing. "All that fat is helping you!" gasps Andre; his chest nearly caving in under the behemoth's weight. "From where I'm standing, looks like I'm winning!" "From where I'm laying, you have no abs!" EXPLODING in a fit of rage, Stallion slams the newb's tiny arms over and over into the mat and GRINDS his face with his meaty forearm as he tries to escape. "No, no, you stay down there until I tell you I'm done with you!" The dominant beast rolls his victim over for a grueling hammerlock and nearly rips his hair out as he screams in pain, "Don't break it! Why are you so mad?" pleads Andre. "I do what I want!" threatens Stallion grabbing the rookie's skull DRIVING his face over and over into the ground. "I'm sorry!" moans the lightweight barely conscious as he's dragged to his knees in a powerful sleeper. "You can't go anywhere once I got you in these arms, world's biggest biceps right there!" Crazily, the rookie tries breaking free only fueling the giant's rage, "You think you can escape; those tiny little biceps?" Stallion wraps his powerful pythons around the lightweight in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson swinging him wildly in the air as he begs for mercy apologizing. "You can't say you're sorry now!" The 265 pounder engulfs his prey in an upside down belly to back bearhug and PILEDRIVES his skull into the ground knocking him out before locking in a back-breaking sit-down Boston crab! "You gonna give? Hello? No, no, you have the balls to step into the same ring as Stallion and think you're getting out of here that easy? Wake up!" Andre recovers and jumps on the behemoth's back with a body scissors, "You're so slow! What are you gonna do?" "I think I'm gonna break you, enjoy doing it too, make you my little b****! ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE: one and two-handed chokelifts, overhead press, crippling camel clutch, RIB-SHATTERING belly to belly bearhug so tight the rookie goes limp in the giant's arms nearly passing out on his beefy pecs before crumbling to the mat. "I think he's still alive!" mocks the giant. Desperate to escape, Andre tries CRAWLING off the mat over and over apologizing incessantly. "You're damn right you're sorry; you're gonna be sorry the day you ever met Stallion!" A devilish grin sweeps across the muscle monster's face as he uses the lightweight for a human dumbbell curling him up and down across his gorilla sized chest and FOLDING him into a ball for one arm curls, "That's a good little pump!" Dripping with sweat, the behemoth unleashes his power: crushing full nelson, torture rack, fireman's carry, brutal belly to belly bearhug, an over-the-knee back breaker ending in a TOTAL MASSACRE! "Little s**t, how dare you come in this house and disrespect Stallion! You're mine!"