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Stallion vs Brix - Custom Video Series 114

$ 25.95
$ 27.00

A secret trap goes horribly wrong and leaves Brix in the fight of his life! Brix gets a call from a mystery wrestler that they left a bottle of chloroform for him to use in his match. Grinning ear to ear, Brix sneaks up from behind and smothers Stallion with the soaked rag, but it's not working! "Chloroform me? You must be outside your mind!" yells the enraged Stallion. Panic sets in as Brix is slammed into the wall with a brutal chokelift. "Someone set me up; it's just a joke!" pleads Brix before crumbling to the mat. Stallion stalks his prey and wraps Brix in a series of breath-taking sleepers. Straining to escape, the 160lbs Brix flails around; the dominant Stallion squeezes the air from his lungs over and over! Deep, maniacal laughter fills the arena as Stallion enjoys ripping Brix apart limb by limb. A backbreaker, camel clutch, Boston crab, and vicious torture rack has Brix screaming in pain under Stallion's control. Barely breathing, Brix is dragged to his feet as Stallion digs in deep with a horrific double pec claw! "Squeeze the meat off the bone!" threatens the sadistic Stallion. Brix struggles to stand as the 270lbs behemoth lifts him again and again in back-breaking bearhugs! The powerful embrace has the injured Brix going limp and collapsing to the mat. Not letting up, Stallion wraps his tree-trunk quads around Brix in crushing head scissors. The blood rushing from his brain, Brix groans in pain and is thrashed side to side before he is let go. Gut punches, gorilla presses, and non-stop action leads to a crushing end as Brix has one more trick up his sleeve! Who is behind the setup, and will Brix make it out alive?