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Stallion vs Caesar - Vegas Battles 120

$ 34.75

The camera starts close up on Stallion's bulging chest and shoulders. He looks over "WHO THE F*CK is this supposed to be?" The camera pans over to see Caesar flexing. "What are you like 130 pounds?" Stallion thinks there is a mistake and immediately calls for Mr. Mike to come and give him a bigger opponent. But that all changes when Caesar pushes Stallion. Stallion becomes infuriated and gets in Caesar's face letting him know just who he is! Stallion realizes that Caesar can't keep up trash talking with him. He grabs Caesar by the throat and the two wrestlers go at it! Stallion immediately lifts Caesar over his shoulders before dropping him down onto his knee in a vicious shoulder breaker. Caesar hops up and launches his own attack. He gets in a good shot or two every now and then but he is obviously no match for Stallion. He viciously lifts and carries Caesar around the mat repeatedly slamming him down and stretching him out in every way possible. Caesar manages to get Stallion in a standing leg scissors at one point, but he makes a critical mistake when he pulls Stallion's hair. This only pisses him off, and Stallion stands up with Caesar 7 feet in the air on his shoulders! He then tosses him forward bouncing him off the mat! The beatdown continues further with Stallion using his massive legs to lock Caesar up. Caesar's attempts to fight back only anger Stallion more. The more angry he gets, the more vicious and powerful his moves get! He uses BRUTAL choke lifts, VIOLENT torture racks, and MASSIVE gorilla presses to abuse Caesar before slowly locking in a tight rear sleeper hold to knock him out. Stallion stands over Caesar's lifeless body and flexes only to the sound of the city of Las Vegas. He hasn't hurt Caesar enough though. He wakes him up but lifting him upside down and PILE-DRIVING his head into the mat!! After a smothering chest to chest bearhug, Caesar gets a second wind and makes another attempt at beating Stallion. He gets in a rear sleeper hold and actually puts Stallion out! ...BUT NOT FOR LONG. Stallion wakes up talking smack. "That all you got you weak, pathetic, little b*tch?" Stallion challenges Caesar to shut him up. Caesar steps off the mat, gets a RUNNING START, AND BARRELS INTO STALLION WITH A BRUTAL CLOTHESLINE! He gets on top of Stallion and wraps both hands around his thick throat. Stallion fights out wrapping Caesar in his enormous, defined quads. He eventually gets Caesar locked up in a head scissors between his legs and slowly begins to squeeze...tighter...tighter...and tighter...until he watches his opponent slowly fade away...