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Stallion vs Dom9 - Bodybuilder Battle 170

$ 32.95

Broken, beaten, barely breathing...watch as the 275lbs behemoth struggles to survive the DEN of DOMINATION! "Flex, that's all you f**king big dudes do!" Furious his wrestling mat has turned into a bodybuilding stage, Dom9 ELBOWS the big man's thick wall of abs harder and harder as he poses laughing at his weak attempts. "This is a mistake; you're half of me! You look like Santa's elf, got lost on his way to the North Pole!" mocks Stallion. His blood boiling, the master of pain sets in motion his sinister plan to tear the arrogant bodybuilder apart piece by piece showing what a real wrestler can do. "Get off my f**king mat!" orders Dom9 SHOVING the muscle monster over and over; his arms smacked away as he continues to flex, "This is Stallion's mat!" A surprise full nelson has the muscle giant groaning in pain still mocking the leather-strapped stud, "Are you on your tippy toes? Your fingers aren't even locked!" Powering out, the Italian giant is distracted still posing as Dom9 climbs a nearby chair FLYING through the air with a meathook clothesline! Crashing down, the dazed behemoth is pinned, sat back up for another vicious clothesline, and pinned again! "Cheap shot!" moans Stallion barely on all fours as Dom9 wraps his rock-hard bicep around the giant's throat, "Come in here to get your a** whooped; go to sleep!" Gasping for air, the 275 pounder is pulled back in a DEVASTATING scissor/sleeper combo. Powerless to escape the torturous embrace, his mounds of beefy muscle grow limp as Stallion succumbs to the master of pain passing out. "Get up!" orders Dom9 smacking his victim awake rolling his hulking frame in a GROIN-BREAKING banana split! "Look at my legs compared to yours, best thighs in Thunders! You're so tiny and angry, like a little chihuahua!" mocks the behemoth; his insults only fueling the dominant beast's rage. "F**king crank this s**t! How about that?" taunts Dom9 STRETCHING him even harder! Stallion's tree-trunk quads are seconds away from being torn from his body as he screams in pain; his meaty abs HAMMERED away with brutal gut punches! "Flex, you know you want to!" taunts the muscle enforcer; the heavyweight barely able to stand up, "I'm done flexing!" A vicious low blow LEVELS Stallion as Dom9 wraps his quads of steel around in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors. In agony, the behemoth is taken to the mat; the scissors locked on tight as the blood rushes from his brain. "Cross your legs; now you're doing it right!" mocks the Italian giant laughing; the master of pain transitioning to a GRUELING leg sleeper. "Shut the f**k up! Go to sleep!" Wedged deep between his quads of steel, the 275 pounder is rolled to his belly in the leg sleeper; his hulking frame FLAILING as he struggles to stay conscious! "I've had enough of your s**t!" groans the behemoth incredibly rising to his feet with the 190 pounder on his shoulders. Inches from the ceiling, Dom9 is nearly knocked out by the garage door opener; his skull SLAMMED face first into the ground! His victim motionless on his back, Stallion lifts the chair mid-air ready to smash it across his body when a surprise low blow has him CRUMBLING to his knees, "Not again!" Sitting on the chair, the master of pain pulls the behemoth's skull into his lap wrapping his quads of steel in another BREATH-TAKING leg sleeper! Deep gasps for air expel from the winded giant; his eyes roll back as he soon fades to black. Completely manhandled, Dom9 lays his motionless victim's head on the chair smacking him awake; his body still bent over backwards. DOUBLE FOREARM SMASHES to the abs have Stallion howling in pain coughing just to breathe crawling on all fours. "Where you going?" taunts the dominant enforcer as his brutal torture continues: vicious banana split, cradles, crushing head scissors, a SPINE-BREAKING Boston crab! "Ahh my back!" screams the behemoth clawing the mat. A fire ignites inside the struggling Stallion finally escaping as ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! Gut punches, massive shoulder carry, tight sleeper, a neck-breaking full nelson. The 275lbs freight train barrels in wrapping his meathook hands around Dom9's throat lifting him up and down off the ground trying to break his back then crushes his throat with his foot nearly SNAPPING his windpipe! "Get up boy! Payback's a b****!" taunts Stallion yanking off his leather harness wrapping it around his throat, "How's that feel? Get a good look at that ground!" Nearly ripping the hair from his head, Dom9's skull is DRIVEN face first over and over into the ground rattling his brain, leaving him motionless on the ground as Stallion flexes. Somehow, the master of pain rises to his feet with his leather harness in hand ready for payback shocking the big man! A devastating PILEDRIVER, sharp elbow to the ribs, and massive chokelift lead to a brutal end; the winner grinning ear to ear, "You shouldn't have done that!" Will Stallion survive Dom9's den of domination, or will he become its next victim?