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Christmas in the Caribbean: Stallion vs Dom9 - Christmas Chaos 2020 Part 3

$ 31.59

Bodybuilder Beach Battle – in Awesome, Crystal-Clear HD!

2020 was a pretty bleak year, so what better way to say sayonara than with a Christmas trip to the Caribbean! Sun, sea, sand and perfect skies – all that would be missing would be two hot and hunky bodybuilders battling it out on the beach. Well, you’re in luck! Two of our biggest, strongest and most dominating wrestlers came along for the ride!

Part 1 opens with the returning Stallion making his way along the shoreline, headed to his own private beach shelter. All he wants to do is relax, watch the waves and drink a beer – so when he finds Dom9 already camped out in his spot, well, Stallion is irked to say the least! Claiming that this is his beach, Stallion points out the ‘No Trespassing’ sign. “Can’t you read? You’re just Big Dom, all muscle, huh?” Stallion decides to challenge his unwelcome guest – “You still wrestling? Still know those moves? Wanna show me some?” Dom9 takes the bate – “Always. You wanna do this?” Oh, Stallion wants to do this – “I wanna relive the old days and put a HURTIN’ on you! Old Stallion gonna put a whuppin’ on you now boy!” Dom9 drops his can on the sand and the match is on! Stallion advances on Dom9, getting in his face before flexing into a bulging double bicep pose, the sunlight streaming down onto his incredible physique with every rock-hard bulge highlighted in stunning relief in our BEST-EVER quality video! The bodybuilder basks in the sun and bounces his huge pecs, hoping to intimidate the intruder – but Dom9 is not easily intimidates, answering with some impressive posing and flexing of his own! A shove from Dom9 seals the deal – the two men lock up, with Stallion getting the upper hand, hoisting Dom9 up over his shoulders. Stallion dumps Dom9 into the ocean, but that doesn’t keep him down – Dom9 launches himself at Stallion, lifting him up and giving the camera a close-up view of Stallion’s black speedos, before dumping him down into the shallows! Now both men are soaked, the sun beating down on shining pecs! Dom9 slaps a bone-snapping Ankle Lock on the bodybuilder, forcing Stallion to flounder helplessly in the water! Dom9 follows up with a sleeper, but Stallion desperately grabs Dom9’s head, making Dom9 release the hold – a hard elbow and Dom9 finds himself caught in a devastating CHOKE LIFT and SLAMMED into the sea! A desperate Dom9 offers to share the beach – “Stallion doesn’t share!” The massive musclehunk locks on a BODY-CRUSHING BEARHUG making Dom9’s face screw up in agony! A sleeper from Stallion sees Dom9 sinking into oblivion, his prone body laid out on the sand – but the suffering doesn’t end there as Stallion pours beer onto Dom9’s face to wake him up for more, this time using the ocean itself as a partner against the suffering superstar...