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Christmas in the Caribbean: Stallion vs Dom9 - Christmas Chaos 2020 Part 4

$ 25.00

Bodybuilder Beach Battle – in Awesome, Crystal-Clear HD!

2020 was a pretty bleak year, so what better way to say sayonara than with a Christmas trip to the Caribbean! Sun, sea, sand and perfect skies – all that would be missing would be two hot and hunky bodybuilders battling it out on the beach. Well, you’re in luck! Two of our biggest, strongest and most dominating wrestlers came along for the ride!

Part 2 picks up directly where Part 1 left off, with the mighty Stallion controlling Dom9 with his HUGE legs, using the ocean itself against him! Stallions massive thighs are not only crushing the life out of Dom9, but also holding him in place as the ocean waves batter the suffering superstar’s face! Stallion gets inventive, slapping on a Boston Crab in the shallows, causing Dom9 to get a mouthful of sea every time he cries out in pain! Finally, the desperate Dom9 manages to reverse and catches Stallion in his powerful thighs. Turnabout is fair play – Stallion claws at Dom9’s legs, trying to pry his legs apart – the behemoth even headbutts Dom9’s balls, leaving Dom9 no choice but to relinquish the hold! Back on the sand, the Stallion catches Dom9 in a beerhug (no typo), before clotheslining him to the sand! Again, Dom9 is no match for Stallion’s raw power and finds himself tossed about like driftwood! Stallion drags Dom9 onto the deck, trapping him in a tight Full Nelson, before going back to his incredible bearhug – amazingly, Dom9 manages to escape Stallion’s clutches, turning the table on him with a suffocating Hanging Headscissor! Stallion can barely breathe as Dom9 slaps the devastating hold on again and again – but he goes to the well once to often; Stallion manages to get to his feet and SMASHES Dom9’s head into the ceiling with a sickening crunch! Each tries to make the other submit to their power with incredibly tight bearhugs and clubbing blows! Tempers flare and as the battle intensifies and spills out onto the grass – but this is no empty mat room and here the environment itself can be as dangerous as any opponent! The tables can turn at any moment, and they do – at one point Stallion is in trouble, but only until he smashes Dom9 in the face with a rock-hard coconut! Dom9 reels from the blow as Stallion stalks him, just waiting to slap his bearhug on once more! The sun starts to sink as the gladiators battle on, every hold, every blow, every painful move highlighted in STUNNING video quality against the beautiful Caribbean backdrop. But the view is of little consequence as both men are desperate to win by any means! A Dragon Sleeper over a tree seals the deal, leaving one of the bulging beasts devoid of consciousness draped over the trunk – but as the evening draws in and the victor lies resting, revenge is in the air...