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Arm crank on mat

Stallion vs Eagle- Quarantine 2020A

$ 31.25

Dripping sweat, bouncing pecs, and bulging muscles...this match includes a PRIVATE video of the wrestlers running, lifting weights, and flexing their rock-hard muscle for your enjoyment!

An argument over working out turns into an intense gym battle! Eagle confronts Stallion telling him his form is all wrong and takes over the machine showing him how it's done. Pissed off at the disrespect, Stallion grabs a medicine ball SMASHING it into Eagle's back. Tempers flare as both wrestlers toss the medicine ball back and forth harder and harder. Ready to battle, Eagle charges in for a belly to belly bearhug squeezing as hard as he can, but Stallion feels nothing, "You can't even give a proper bearhug! I'll show you how it's done!" Stallion breaks away wrapping his powerful pythons around Eagle hoisting him into the air. Struggling to breathe, Eagle groans in pain as Stallion SQUEEZES tighter and tighter tossing Eagle down. Yanked by his hair, Eagle is forced to his knees but drops Stallion with a vicious low blow. Eagle wraps Stallion in a tight sleeper, but Stallion stands to his feet carrying Eagle on his back. A massive struggle ensues as Stallion FLIPS Eagle onto the mat digging his knee in Eagle's back YANKING back on his arms. Eagle groans in pain; his chiseled chest ready to rip apart. Back on their feet, a massive tie up leads to a brutal over-the-shoulder takedown as Stallion bends and twists Eagle's arm and legs trying to tear him apart in chicken wings and torturous holds. Screams of agony fill the gym as the dominant Stallion continues his torture. A guillotine choke and upside-down belly to back bearhug lead to Stallion PILEDRIVING Eagle into the mat knocking him out. "Thought you had a chance against a real man? I'm the king around this place!" flexes Stallion. Finishing his workout, Hero enters the mat shoving Stallion away, "Big Guy, wanna always pick on the small guy!" His rage building, Stallion hangs from a chin-up bar wrapping his tree-trunk quads around Hero in a face-first head scissors. "What were you saying? I couldn't hear you!" taunts Stallion doing pull-ups as Hero gasps for air; his shredded frame collapsing to the mat knocked out. Stallion wakes up Hero SLAMMING the medicine ball harder and harder into his chest. Eagle wakes up and locks up with Stallion when Stallion does another over-the-shoulder takedown. Eagle battles back with a belly to back bearhug lifting Stallion, but Stallion takes Eagle down to the mat. On his back, Eagle's ribs are CRUSHED as the 270lbs Stallion straddles Eagle dropping his rock-hard muscle over and over on Eagle's chest. Barely breathing, Eagle is pinned but kicks out striking with low blows. Stallion is laid out as Eagle HAMMERS his abs with gut punches trying for a Boston crab but bearhugs Stallion on the mat. His rage building, Stallion breaks away with a Boston crab and camel clutch as Hero begins taunting Stallion from the sidelines. Eagle screams in pain as his skull is slammed into the mat, and he is barely able to stand. Stallion locks in a massive headlock; his bulging bicep crushing Eagle's face into his rock-hard pec. Eagle powers out and locks in a mid-air body scissors as Hero joins in. A DOUBLE MID-AIR body scissors has Eagle and Hero hanging off the 270lbs Stallion. Can the tag team work together to bring down the muscle giant? An overhead press, tight sleeper, and medicine balls used as weapons...this ain't no ordinary day at the gym!