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Stallion vs Flaco - Custom Video Series 108

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Flaco begs Stallion for a match, but Stallion says he doesn't want to hurt him. "I'm not trying to be a jerk, but--look at us!"    

Cocky Flaco starts poking at Stallion, tugging his night shirt, and even slaps him.  "I don't blame you for not wanting to get your ass kicked!"  

Flaco even pulls down his own singlet strap to show Stallion his bad-ass scar after getting shot a few months ago.  "I'm a Little Ceaser now.  I'm BG.  You're bigger but I'm badder."

Flaco spends the first part of the match trying to take Stallion down--charging him; wrestling; climbing on his back.  Stallion barely puts up any effort to hold him off--like swatting away a fly.

Flaco begs Stallion to take him seriously and try harder.  Stallion might be holding back, but he's still brutal and he takes every chance to flex over his much smaller victim. Dominant Stallion bearhugs him. Then a flying tackle.  

Flaco gets up.  "Come on--harder!"

Stallion charges full speed, Flaco dodges him, Stallion rams his shoulder into the wall.  A dazed Stallion crumples over. Flaco set him up and Stallion took the bait. "Big man down!"


Flaco has to pull Stallion out of the corner, and Flaco isn't going to give Stallion time to recover. He slaps on a sleeper, and plays with Stallions arms like a rag doll before he lets him fall back.

Stallion seems happier in la-la land than with a busted shoulder and head knock, so sadistic Flaco kicks him awake. Flaco's leg scissors normally wouldn't faze Stallion, but he's defenseless, and Flaco gets in some pec claws to double the pain.

He doesn't just want to beat Stallion down--he wants to humiliate him, ordering him to fled, bulldogging him further into unconsciousness and executing a Schoolboy pin that Stallion knows nothing about.

Flaco ramps up his attack, terrorizing the bigger stud with more sleepers, perfectly executed bearhugs, pec abuse and a torrent of taunts--even dragging him around the ring by his massive arms.

Stallion has double the muscle and doesn't want to lose to this "pipsqueak." He fights through the pain and takes control--but all those blows to the head and an immobilized shoulder will make it a challenge to fight of Thunder's newest "gangsta." But...this is Stallion.

Reverse bearhugs, a painful scissor-sleeper and nerve-claw holds turn one of these studs to jelly as the other does pushups over his vanquished opponent. Will Flaco be rubbing Stallion's nose in Flaco's (for-real) gunshot scar, or will Stallion's vastly bigger muscles and champion spirit put smart-ass Flaco in his place?