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Stallion vs Gino - Custom Video Series 121

$ 31.25

How much pain, torture, and beating can one muscle giant's abs take? You're about to find out in this custom matchup! The battle begins mid-action. Gino stomps Stallion face first into the ground as he strains to get up. "That's all you got with those big muscles?" taunts Gino. Stallion groans in pain as Gino yanks back harder and harder on Stallion's chin trying to break his back. Barely moving, the 270lbs Stallion is dragged to his feet and tossed into the turnbuckle for a brutal assault. A gut punch, ab claw, and sharp knees to the abs has Stallion refusing to give in and crumbling to the mat. Gino mounts Stallion's chest pinning him down and unloads with brutal gut punches and even deeper ab claws! Screams of pain fill the ring until the raging Stallion powers out. His blood boiling, Stallion wraps Gino in a crushing headlock and stretches Gino through the ropes. "You ain't going nowhere; you're mine! threatens Stallion. Gino groans in agony as Stallion chops his beefy pecs then sinks his meathook hands in for vicious ab claws! Dripping in sweat, Stallion lifts the injured 250lbs Gino in a fireman's carry and slams him into the turnbuckle for more ab claws. Gino collapses to the ring as Stallion mounts his chest flexing his rock-hard biceps before Gino escapes. The intense battle rages on with clotheslines, dirty tricks, shoulder tackles to the abs, and torturous ab claws! "I'm gonna rip your ab out!" threatens the maniacal winner before a breath-taking finish. The pain is real; the moves are real! Who will submit to THE CLAW?