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Stallion vs Hero - Quarantine 2020B

$ 31.25

A RAGING Hero is on the hunt ready for revenge! After trying to help Eagle defeat Stallion, Hero wants payback for his vicious beating. "You come back for more?" taunts Stallion tossing his sweat-filled towel in Hero's face. Stallion flexes his rock-hard muscle as Hero sneaks up CHOKING Stallion from behind with a foam roller! "Think you're tough; beat up on all the little guys!" yells Hero dropping Stallion to his knees. Incredibly, the 270lbs Stallion stands up carrying Hero on his back, rips the foam roller away, and falls back CRUSHING Hero into the ground! Gasping for air, Hero is laid out as Stallion mounts his abs and unleashes his power: gut punches, chops to the chest, elbows to the ribs, even SMOTHERING Hero's face with his beefy pecs! "I can't even push you off me!" screams Hero dragged into a grueling head scissor/arm-bar combo. "I'm twice the man you are that's why!" mocks the dominant Stallion doing push-ups with his head scissors locked in. His blood boiling, Hero breaks away with an elbow drop and DRIVES his elbow deeper and deeper into Stallion's abs as he groans in pain. Hero tries jumping on top of Stallion but is caught face-first between Stallion's tree-trunk quads. Gasping for air, Hero picks up the 270lbs Stallion SLAMMING him on the back of his head! Stallion is dazed and rolled into a tight head scissors but escapes delivering a vicious scissor/sleeper combo of his own. Back on their feet, a flex off has both wrestlers battling for the spotlight. Hero surprises Stallion with a powerful sleeper and mounts Stallion's gorilla-sized chest HAMMERING his abs with gut punches! Coughing to breathe, Stallion escapes wrapping Hero in a rib-cracking belly to belly bearhug on their knees. Hero screams in pain and tries choking the muscle giant's thick neck, but it does no good. Stallion sees red and SMASHES Hero's face into his rock-hard pecs nearly knocking Hero out! The non-stop action continues with a massive chokelift, over-the-knee back breaker, full nelson, grueling ab stretch, overhead press, and SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors! Will Hero get his revenge, or will the dominant Stallion claim his next victim?