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Stallion vs Iceman18 - Water Wars 12

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

 "Mike keeps sending me chumps like you!" mocks Stallion unimpressed with his competition. "Chumps like me?" yells a pissed off Iceman18 charging in for a tie-up. Stallion strikes first with an over-the-knee back breaker, but Iceman18 escapes dunking Stallion with a sleeper. A bicep flex off has both wrestlers battling for the spotlight. "Cracked my first egg, and I'll crack you too!" threatens Iceman18 lifting the 275lbs Stallion in a fireman's carry tossing him away. "I've been cracking eggs since I was born, including skulls. You're next on the menu!" threatens Stallion lifting Iceman18 in a tight full nelson. Iceman18 groans in pain and climbs out of the pool delivering a FLYING DROP KICK sending Stallion crashing into the wall. "The bigger the chest, the deeper it's gonna be!" threatens Iceman18 with a double pec claw. Stallion strains under the tight grip and wraps his tree-trunk quads around Iceman18 in a RIB-CRACKING body scissors. A power struggle begins as Iceman18 gut punches Stallion's abs seeing who will give first. Stallion breaks away with a belly to belly bearhug, titty twister, and fireman's carry launching Iceman18 into the pool. Dazed, Iceman18 is lifted in two VERTICAL SUPLEXES held upside down under Stallion's power and crashes into the water. The water wars continues with both wrestlers exchanging crushing head scissors on the edge of the pool SQUEEZING each other harder and harder. Iceman18 dunks Stallion and strains to lock in a full nelson as Stallion flexes out, "You can't even fit your arms around me!" Pissed off, Iceman18 lifts the 275lbs Stallion in a CRUSHING belly to belly bearhug. Stallion struggles for air and is slammed into the water! Ready for revenge, Stallion unleashes his power: gut punches, knee to the ribs, full nelson/scissors combo, chokelift, and HEART PUNCHES! "Kickin your ass; this is like a warmup for me!" taunts Stallion with a back-breaking belly to belly bearhug. Iceman18 screams in pain as Stallion's powerful pythons dig in deep before transitioning to a sleeper. Powerless to escape, Iceman18 passes out and is picked up across Stallion's gorilla size chest SLAMMED up and down in an over-the-knee back breaker! "Not my back again!" pleads Iceman18 nearly snapped in half before being let go. Iceman18 recovers and launches an attack. A kick to the chest, blow to the face, and tight dragon sleeper has Stallion in trouble. "I can't breathe!" gasps Stallion as a surprise move has one wrestler playing dirty pulling down their trunks! Iceman18 barrels in with a crushing belly to back bearhug slamming Stallion underwater for a tight sleeper. His mounds of beefy muscle struggling for air, Stallion passes out and is tossed across the pool waken up with a fireman's carry and smacks to the ass before being slammed into the water. Dazed, Stallion struggles to stand as Iceman18 jumps on his shoulders for a mid-air head scissors. "I am king of the mountain!" flexes Iceman18 as Stallion groans in pain struggling to stay standing and is dragged to the bottom. Iceman18 chokes Stallion into the wall and CHOPS his beefy pecs before gut punching his abs. The brutal battle continues as an intense mercy challenge, chokeslams, gut punches, gorilla presses, kicks and knees to the ribs, and crushing head scissors lead to a CRASHING END!