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Stallion vs Jarhead - Vegas Battles 67

$ 25.95

A friendly job interview turns into a TORTUROUS interrogation in this hotel room of horrors! Sitting in his bathrobe hard at work, Stallion is greeted by a new prospect, the former military, 180lbs shredded hunk Jarhead. "What brought you here to Thunders?" asks the vet; the interview continuing as the rookie flexes his rock-hard muscle. "I bench 315lbs, squat 405lbs. I heard there's this guy Stallion: big head, thinks he's the s**t. You know on top? I can kick anybody's a**, so I thought I'd come here and take him down!" Grinning ear to ear, the behemoth stands up peeling the bathrobe off his beefy frame as PANIC sweeps across Jarhead's face. "I don't think I officially introduced myself!" taunts the giant; his bone-crushing handshake pulling him in close, "I'm Stallion!" The muscle monster SLAMS the cocky rookie's face into his gorilla size chest as he crumbles to the ground. "Wait sir, I didn't mean it! Hold on; we can talk this out!" pleads Jarhead lifted back up by his throat. "You think you can come in here and knock me off the top?" yells Stallion with another JARRING slam into his meaty pecs! Struggling to catch his breathe, the lightweight is dragged to his feet in a viselike headlock and paraded around. "He wants a shot? There it is; that's a shot!" flexes Stallion SQUEEZING his 20 inch bicep tighter and tighter as Jarhead groans in pain and is tossed back down. Stallion's meathook hands nearly snap his neck with a DEVASTATING chokelift! Maniacal laughter fills the hotel room as the 180 pounder flails helpless collapsing to the ground for a crippling camel clutch. "You like that?" taunts the heavyweight; his veins pumped to the max nearly RIPPING off his victim's head! "I'm done, no more!" screams Jarhead. "You're done? You got more fight in ya!" threatens the 265 pounder driving his face into the floor DIGGING his foot in his back as he flexes his bulging biceps. Back on their feet, a sharp knee to the ribs has the rookie doubled over, held tight in a brutal headlock. "Grab that chair; move it against the window!" orders the dominant hulk wanting answers as he drags his tiny prey around setting up his TORTURE CHAMBER! Gasping for air, Jarhead is thrown into the chair; his shredded abs CHOPPED again and again forcing him into submission as the vicious interrogation begins! Rage coursing through his veins, Stallion squeezes the rookie's face yanking back on his hair, Stallion HAMMERS away the rookie's chiseled abs harder and harder as he screams in pain struggling to breathe! "Get on your knees!" orders the Italian giant as Jarhead pleads, His powerful python around the lightweight's throat, the behemoth sits down in the chair wrapping his tree-trunk quads around his ribs. ENGULFED in the mounds of beefy muscle, the interrogation gets even worse as the 180 pounder goes limp passing out on the floor! "Who the f**k is talking about me behind my back?" His blood BOILING, the distracted Stallion stands up ready to tear the room apart as the rookie awakes crawling for the door. Stallion begins dragging him back lifting the chair perilously above the rookie's head. "No, no, wait!" begs the newb; the chair CRASHING around him pinning him to the floor! Sitting down, the 265 pounder yanks Jarhead's hair as he groans in pain. Powerless to escape, Stallion plants his feet on Jarhead's throat seconds away from choking him out as the SHOCKING TRUTH is finally revealed! Completely betrayed, the behemoth becomes unhinged wrapping his pythons around the lightweight in a RIB-SHATTERING belly to belly bearhug shaking him like a rag doll, Jarhead is SLAMMED on his back; his shredded frame glowing bright red from the brutal torture. Stallion leans over choking him on the floor, desperate, the rookie swings his legs free locking the giant in an UPSIDE-DOWN head scissors! Grunting and groaning, the heavyweight strains but overpowers the 180 pounder picking him up by his legs and LAUNCHES him onto the bed. An insane game of cat and mouse begins as Jarhead tries to get past Stallion and escape the hotel room of horrors! Bodies flying around the room, a grueling leg stretch, hammerlock, tight sleeper, tackling, and breath-taking bearhugs all lead up to a SURPRISE twist! What is the truth, and who is behind the brutal betrayal? You gotta see it to find out!