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Stallion vs Joey King - Custom Video Series 118

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

A steamy webcam video spirals out of control into an intense POV match! With camera in hand, Joey King strips down to make a private video for his fans when he is confronted by Stallion. "Talking to yourself? You have fans?" mocks Stallion in disbelief. "I'm the one holding the camera; I'm the main attraction!" brags Joey King. The trash talk continues as the wrestlers head to the mat. Stallion flexes his rock-hard biceps and threatens to steal Joey King's fans. Pissed off, Joey King sends Stallion crashing down on all fours and drops his weight over and over on Stallion's back. Stallion groans in pain as Joey King tries ripping him apart and yanks back on Stallion's neck and arms. "Stretch for them Lurch!" mocks Joey King before locking in a tight sleeper. Struggling for air, the 270lbs Stallion crumbles to the mat where Joey King attacks Stallion with forearm blows, stomps, and a rake to the eyes! His blood boiling, Stallion recovers and chokelifts Joey King before dropping him into an over-the-knee back breaker. Nearly broken in half, Joey King screams in pain as Stallion pounds his furry abs with vicious gut punches! "Angry little leprechaun!" mocks Stallion ready to unleash his power. A camel clutch, Boston crab, and brutal torture rack has Joey King groaning in agony and slammed down. Barely breathing, Joey King is laid out as a 270lbs bodysplash crushes Joey King into the ground! "Wanna say hi to your fans, show them you're still alive?" laughs the dominant Stallion flexing over his victim. The back-and-forth battle for the fans continues as a dirty trick, sleepers, chokeslam, and secret surprise end in a shocking knockout!