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Stallion vs Joey King - Ring Wars 95

$ 31.25

"What's up Lurch? I'm the pro here! You want me to show ya?" challenges Joey King circling the mountain of muscle. "Man, they hand out that word 'pro' to anything now a days!" mocks Stallion, "Class is now in session!" The titans lock up as the behemoth easily forces the pro-wrestler into the turnbuckle. "Whoa, whoa!" halts Joey trying to stop the match, but the Italian giant doesn't care about pro-wrestling rules. Rearing back, the heavyweight delivers sharp knees to the ribs and DRIVES his boulder shoulder deeper and deeper in the vet's abs, "You're so freaking hairy! People actually like that?" Gasping for air, Joey can barely stand, "I think so!" and is LAUNCHED across the ring. The mountain of muscle flexes as the struggling wrestler grabs his tree-trunk quads trying to use him as a human ladder. "What are you doing huh?" taunts Stallion sending Joey crashing back down with a meaty double forearm. "Get up!" orders the giant hoisting the hairy hunk up in an UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug swinging him in the air, "Hahaha, you're so light! I could do this all day!" Screaming in pain, Joey King begs for mercy, "Please don't; let me get to the ropes!" His cries only fuel the beast as he's POWERSLAMMED into the ground! With his victim laid out, the 268lbs behemoth climbs the ropes and flies through the air for a thunderous bodysplash; his bones SPLINTERING under the mounds of meaty muscle. "Having fun yet? You having trouble breathing?" Stallion mounts his prey's furry abs wrapping his meathook hands around his throat as his face turns red nearly passing out. Helpless to escape, Joey's rib cage nearly breaks in half BATTERED over and over with brutal double forearm smashes! "I'm the king around here!" flexes Stallion as the injured pro crawls for the ropes; his torture just beginning: a grueling stretch on the ropes, vicious chokelift, elbow drop, FOOTBALL KICKS to the ribs sending him rolling around the ring! "Do you enjoy being dominated by a bigger man? You can't breathe now can you?" The behemoth wraps his bulging bicep around Joey King's throat and drags him to his feet SLAMMING his skull over and over into the turnbuckle and rams his shoulder deep into his abs. Nearly collapsing, the hairy hunk is hoisted up in a massive fireman's carry SHAKEN like a rag doll and squatted with ease, "You're so tiny! How's my form?" taunts Stallion dropping the motionless vet down for another bodysplash! "You're gonna pay for that one!" groans Joey King struggling to his feet, "I'm about to light you the f*** up!" A brutal gut punch and forearm to the face sends the behemoth CRASHING into the ropes. "You wanna get rough? I can get rough!" threatens the pro forcing the giant into the turnbuckle and CHOPS his gorilla sized chest harder and harder as he groans in pain. "Is that the best you got? Give me another one!" challenges Stallion leaning back, but instead Joey rams his shoulder over and over into his thick abs LEVELING the big man. "You wanna talk all that s**t, you big tree!" mocks the vet slapping the giant across the face dragging him to his feet. Full of rage, Stallion recovers and chokelifts the vet, "I was just playing with you! Someone like me can't be beat!" Joey goes limp and crumbles to the mat as the mountain of muscle pec bounces his meaty chest still BRIGHT RED from the brutal assault, "You gave the boys some color!" A grueling fight to the finish leads to a final sinister promise: vicious Boston crab, crushing sleeper, arm-breaking hammerlock, chokeslam, RIB-CRACKING body scissors! "Don't even try to reach for the ropes! You're mine; you're not going anywhere!"