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Stallion vs KaSee - Ring Wars 98

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

"I'm the sexiest guy here at Thunders Arena! Sexy biceps, sexy abs, sexy face, and I f*** up just about everybody I wrestle!" flexes Kasee as the silent behemoth stalks his tiny prey from behind. PANIC sweeps across the lightweight's face as he backs up into a wall of beefy muscle, "Holy s**t, where did you come from? Did you eat enough today?" Stallion licks his chops flexing his powerful pythons, "You're looking like a nice meal! That's a real man's bicep, about the size of your head!" "You can't eat this! I could take you down in a second if I wanted!" threatens Kasee dropping to his knees admiring the giant's tree trunk quads. "Did I say you could touch me? Do you know who I am?" EXPLODING in a fit of rage, the behemoth wraps his meathook hands around the vet's throat and chokelifts him into the air! "Why you so angry bro?" gasps Kasee; the giant now holding him up with one arm, "Little guys like you, you're so tiny, weak, and pathetic!" The lightweight collapses barely moving as the muscle beast mounts his abs SLAMMING his toothpick arms into the ground harder and harder! "I'm gonna crush you! Get up!" orders Stallion dragging his helpless victim up for back to back devastating chokelifts. "My neck, my neck! Stop!" pleads Kasee; his ripped body goes limp crumbling to the mat. The ruthless behemoth is just getting started yanking the vet by his hair into a SKULL-SPLITTING headlock! "That's a big f***ing arm; I can't breathe!" Struggling to stay conscious, Stallion hammers away on his prey's chiseled abs. "I could do this all day; I'm starving!" laughs the muscle monster feeding on the screams of his defenseless victim. Barely standing, Kasee is hurled into the turnbuckle as the heavyweight DRIVES his boulder shoulder deeper and deeper into his abs! "You like that? So weak and pathetic!" Stallion clamps on a guillotine choke dragging the lightweight around the ring and hoists him up in an UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug! "I can't breathe; let me go!" "You want me to let you go? I'll let you go!" A maniacal laugh fills the arena as the mountain of muscle POWERSLAMS the tiny vet; the ring shaking from the horrific impact! "What the f*** did I do to you?" moans Kasee writhing in pain; his torture about to get even worse: chokelift, gut punches, a grueling fireman's carry. "Don't you dare pass out on me! I'm just getting warmed up!" threatens Stallion SHAKING the vet like a rag doll then slammed down. "You gotta let me breathe!" gasps the chiseled hunk as the beast chokes his throat with his foot, "I ain't gotta let you do anything! You're mine; I own you!" The behemoth flexes his beefy muscle then wraps his powerful pythons around Kasee in a RIB-CRACKING belly to back bearhug! His bones splintering under the intense pressure; the vet collapses to the ring as Stallion reaches down choking him with one hand. "I'm gonna choke you out!" threatens Kasee desperately trying for a triangle choke! "He's got some fight in him; go ahead and try!" laughs the giant lifting him with one arm and SLAMS him down as he struggles to catch his breath. "Welcome to my world, 6'1" 268lbs, I'm the most dominant, most alpha male! You officially met Stallion!" Barely moving, Kasee moans in agony, "It's not even fair, you're so f***ing fat bro!" Furious at the disrespect, the behemoth CRUSHES the vet's throat with his foot until he passes out! "Where did all that talking go? Wake up; I'm not done with you!" The mountain of muscle smacks Kasee awake and UNLEASHES his power: chokelifts, stomps to the chest, elbow drop, meathook clothesline, chops to the abs, overhead press, massive fireman's carry, "I'll break you in half and enjoy every minute! You like being dominated by a bigger man!" Barely moving, Kasee pleads for mercy, "You're too f***ing angry! Let me go!" His horrific cries only fuel the beast as a 268lbs BODYSPLASH leaves a pile of chiseled muscle. A devilish grin sweeps across Stallion's face, "What to do? All helpless and defenseless, laying there just for my pleasure!" You won't believe what happens next!