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Stallion vs Kasee - Vegas Battles 81

$ 25.95

A friendly competition goes horribly wrong as Stallion UNLEASHES A DARK SIDE never seen before! Kasee and Stallion warm up seeing who can jump higher as Kasee begins running his mouth. "I jumped a lot higher! Watch out; I don't wanna hurt you!" taunts Kasee with a back flip smacking Stallion on the chest. Stallion SNAPS wrapping his 20 inch bicep around Kasee's skull in a tight headlock forcing Kasee to flex under his control! Struggling to breathe, Kasee is picked up in a ONE-ARM chokelift and slammed down as the 265lbs Stallion mounts Kasee's chest pinning his biceps down with his knees. "You're heavy!" screams Kasee; his ribs SPLINTERING under the weight as Stallion flexes a rock-hard double bicep. "Get on your knees!" orders the dominant Stallion yanking Kasee up by his hair into a sleeper STRETCHING Kasee's barely breathing body across his knee in a back breaker! "Ahh it hurts!" screams Kasee as the now silent Stallion HAMMERS away Kasee's abs with gut punches and CHOPS Kasee's chest with his meathook hand. A darkness comes over Stallion lifting Kasee onto his boulder shoulder then POWERSLAMS him to the mat! "What are you doing? I'm really getting freaked out!" groans the panicked Kasee as the 265lbs Stallion steps on his throat and arms with his foot! Fueled by his screams, Stallion WRENCHES Kasee's arms back and folds Kasee in half upside down on the mat nearly snapping his neck. Grunting in anger, the silent behemoth wraps Kasee's arm around his own throat lifting him in the air by his arm and leg and SWINGS Kasee around dropping him to the mat. "You got some stuff messed up in the head!" moans Kasee struggling to breathe. Hungry for more pain, Stallion BENDS Kasee's wrists, arms, and legs in torturous holds trying to break him apart limb by limb as he begs for mercy. The dominant Stallion wraps Kasee in a leg sleeper squeezing the air from his lungs then picks Kasee up in a chokelift SLAMMING him onto the couch! "I'm sorry; please let me go!" begs Kasee as the silent Stallion stalks his injured prey. Gut punches, back to back crucifixes, an over-the-knee back breaker, guillotine choke, tight full nelson, and crippling camel clutch leads to a BONE-SHATTERING end!