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Stallion vs Loki - Ring Wars 96

$ 31.25

"I'm gonna wipe this floor with your face! You're gonna like it; you're gonna love it!" threatens the 260lbs mountain of muscle. "You're a little chunkier than last time I saw you." mocks Loki as the titans flex and compare their bulging biceps and massive quads. "I've been eating good little guy. When you can't be tall, you gotta be thick right?" taunts the behemoth. "You're thinking of me? You ain't got s**t on this!" declares Loki. Stallion rears back BARRELING in for an attack, but the beefy hunk ducks out of the way again and again making him angry. "Closer and closer, bide your time boy!" A final attempt sends the big man CRASHING into the ropes as the ref halts the match, "Alright back up; you guys are f***king around a little too much! You're getting a little too wild!" His back turned, Loki pushes Joey King into the mountain of muscle; his back slammed into the turnbuckle! Dazed, Stallion's thick abs are RAMMED over and over by the burly beast's boulder shoulder. "Is that the best you got? I could do this all day!" "More huh?" Loki rears back driving his shoulder in deeper; the heavyweight groans in pain collapsing to the mat where his thick neck is choked by Loki's foot. "Break the choke, back up!" orders the ref sparing the giant as he's dragged into a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors. Flexing his tree-trunk quads tighter and tighter, the 220 pounder sits on the hulk's back forcing him down on his face, "Lay down! Not so strong now!" Loki stands up flexing and tries pinning the behemoth down with his foot, but the enraged giant does a push up nearly toppling the vet. Still on his knees, Stallion is wrapped up in a grueling GUILLOTINE CHOKE; his hulking frame gasps for air. "What's all the mass good for huh?" The ref drops down to check on the struggling giant, "Can you breathe? You good? Don't let him up!" On their knees, Loki GATOR ROLLS the 260 pounder to his back with the choke still locked in and springs up mounting his abs for a pin! "One, two!" Rage coursing through his veins, Stallion kicks out of two separate pins LAUNCHING the beefy vet across the ring. "That was close; pissed the big man off!" interjects Joey King. Back on his feet, the winded mountain of muscle charges again and again for a take down, but Loki ducks away as he collapses into the ropes. "Stand up!" orders the beast STRETCHING the giant through the ropes; his tiny trunks fall down giving you a sneak peak of his beefy backside! "Give up?" asks the ref. "No!" groans the mountain of muscle as Loki YANKS back on his neck and kicks out his leg sending him crashing down crawling for the ring post. "Turn around, let's go!" orders the beast dragging his victim up for shoulder blows to the abs LEVELING the big man. "Back up, take a second!" orders the ref. "He ain't even gonna let us wrestle!" flexes Loki as the giant struggles to his feet. A massive tie up has both goliaths circling the ring. Loki swoops in taking out the 260 pounder's granite slab legs and STOMPS him face first to the mat locking in a tight full nelson. "You give up big man?" asks the ref. "No, is that all you got? I'm not impressed. You were stronger, now you've gotten weak!" taunts Stallion groaning in pain as Loki lets go DIGGING his knee in the giant's back and yanks on his powerful pythons. His strength weakened, the behemoth grunts louder and louder finally flexing out struggling to his feet. "Tubby got up! If you weren't so chunky, you'd be getting around a little easier big guy!" mocks Loki. Still angry, the 260 pounder tries for a clothesline but is caught in a brutal belly to belly bearhug! "My back!" screams Stallion powerless to escape. "You're so fat; it's hard to keep you up here!" groans Loki SLAMMING the giant to his back as he coughs trying to catch his breath. The beefy beast flexes in victory as the behemoth gets up barreling in for a belly to belly of his own, "I got you now; you're mine! Break that back!" laughs the mountain of muscle SHAKING Loki like a rag doll tossing him down. "Get your ass up!" orders Stallion yanking his injured prey up by his hair DRIVING him deeper and deeper into the turnbuckle with his monstrous shoulder as he gasps for air! "Get him out of the corner!" orders the ref. Completely gassed, Loki's beefy frame is tossed across the ring where the behemoth digs his knee in his back, tries PULLING his arms out of socket, then chokes him with his foot while flexing. "Stay down boy! That's a man's bicep right there!" Loki's torture continues: RIB-CRACKING rear bearhug, meathook clotheslines, stomps to the abs, a grueling fireman's carry on his boulder shoulders. "Stallion's here baby, I got you now!" Struggling to breathe, Loki's body goes limp barely able to speak, "Why are you so sweaty? You're so fat!" "Put him down; he's turning purple!" orders the ref. "I'll put him down!" threatens the behemoth SLAMMING his motionless prey to the mat. "Give him a breather; I gotta check him!" says Joey King. Dripping with sweat, the camera zooms in on the mountain of muscle flexing and pec bouncing his gorilla sized chest, "Biggest arms in the world baby; just getting warmed up!" Barely moving, Loki still won't quit, "Keep flexing the flab dude!" "You're being dominated by a real man, get up!" Stallion wraps his powerful python around the beast in a CRUSHING headlock dragging him to his knees. "It's so soft like a pillow!" moans Loki. Full of rage, the behemoth delivers a neck-breaking full nelson and rolls the burly beast in a tight cradle for a pin. "One, two, that was close!" counts the ref as Loki barely kicks out laid out on the mat. Sensing blood in the water, Stallion rears back for a 260lbs BODYSPLASH crushing the vet's bones under his meaty muscle! You think it's all over, but the brutal battle continues. A torturous fireman's carry, forearm blows to the chest, and back-breaking Boston crab lead up to a JAW-DROPPING knockout! "I'm done with you!"