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Stallion vs Loki - Vegas Battles 110

$ 18.99
$ 25.95

Stallion and Loki are out on the balcony talking about how they are wrestling each other the next match. Stallion doesn't think that it's not even worth it for them to wrestle because he has already beat Loki so many times that people already know what will happen. Loki throws out a few excuses and the smack talk starts between the two giant bodybuilders. A flex off breaks out while Stallion continues to throw out jabs about Loki's muscles...and his OnlyFans account. Loki wants to bet on the match, but Stallion dismisses that saying, "How about I just beat your ass and I do it for fun because I like torturing people." Stallion wants to get to the action but Loki won't shut up, so Stallion jumps into a game of mercy. A struggle back and forth tests both bodybuilders strength. Stallion gains the upper hand and then locks in a dragon sleeper. He throws in some gut punches for good measure before Loki uses the balcony rail to get leverage and flip the 270 lb. Stallion over his head. He jumps on him and locks in a camel clutch pulling at Stallion's long hair. Throwing him down to the mat, Loki sits on Stallion's back, but Stallion stands up with Loki hanging on for his life. After tossing him down, Stallion wraps his legs around Loki's head in a standing head scissors. "Those are the biggest thighs in Thunders Arena right there!" Loki fights but cannot pry Stallion's massive quads open. A stunned Loki regroups before lifting Stallion up in a massive chest to chest bearhug. Squeezing him tighter and tighter, Loki tosses Stallion to the mat and immediately locks in a shoulder lock before grinding his fists into his beefy pecs. A few stomps into his back and Loki continues his path of destroying Stallion putting him in a leg lock. A pause to flex gives Stallion just enough time to deliver a brutal low blow. He then picks him up and digs his meaty hands into Loki's pecs. Loki continues to display his incredible strength and throws Stallion over his shoulders and mounts him in a schoolboy pin. He then wraps his hands around his neck and chokes him until he passes out! Stallion coughs and slowly gets back up but Loki isn't done with him. He grabs him in another choke hold before rolling him over and throwing hard gut punches. Still with a choke hold locked in, Loki attempts to pass Stallion out again but Stallion is ready for it this time and breaks out. He puts Loki in a full nelson before reaching around and lifting him into a devastating torture rack! A back and forth battle between the two bodybuilders continue non-stop. MASSIVE chest to chest bearhugs, VICIOUS choke lifts, TIGHT front facing leg scissors, and SMOTHERING choke holds have both of these impressive bodybuilders fighting for top positioning in Thunders Arena. Does Stallion still have what it takes to stand up to Loki?