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Stallion vs Loki - Vegas Battles 65

$ 25.95

New bearhug challenge!

Expecting a pizza delivery, Stallion relaxes on the couch as the pissed-off Loki storms in his room,  Stallion disrobes tossing it in Loki's face and flexes his mounds of beefy muscle in the bathroom mirror.  The muscle hunks continue arguing about the pizza. Neither side giving in, a bearhug challenge is accepted with the winner getting the pizza and $500!

Loki CHARGES in with a belly to belly bearhug. Held tight, Stallion begins taunting the 220 pounder, igniting a fire inside the muscle hunk. Loki DIGS in even deeper, as the heavyweight groans in pain tapping out after 53 seconds. Hungry for payback, Stallion barrels in with a belly to belly of his own SLAMMING his victim on the couch with his bearhug still locked in. Loki gasps CRUSHED under the 265lbs of beef. Stallion ruthlessly forces his prey to say please before finally letting him go. Furious, Loki SPRINGS to his feet yanking off his shorts, and wraps the big man up again. Stallion begins flexing his 20 inch bicep toying with his prey. Loki smacks his arm away before HOISTING the 265 pounder even higher in the air! In agony, Stallion's eyes roll back in his head struggling for air. His strength fading, the behemoth wraps Loki in a headlock BURYING his face into his meaty pecs, but it does no good still tapping out from the pain. Winded from the intensity, both muscle hunks catch their breath before the brutal battle continues. Loki flexes with a double bicep, trying on the giant's sunglasses behind his back. YANKING his victim off the bed by his hair,  Loki groans in pain trying to calm the angry hulk. Stallion locks in another belly to belly violently SWINGING the 220 pounder around the room as he screams in agony! Squeezing low and tight, the behemoth sits down on the coffee table to add more pressure; Loki begins to grow limp and is shoved to the floor. Stallion flexes his 265lbs of muscle BURYING his foot in his prey's beefy pecs as Loki gasps for air. Stallion yanks the arrogant vet to his feet ENGULFING him in one of the hardest bearhugs you have ever seen! The sound of a possible broken rib freaks out everyone. Loki slowly peels himself up and stands on the bed flexing. Anger flashes as Stallion tosses his robe in Loki's face blinding him and jumps up on the bed for a DEVASTATING belly to belly bearhug! Their skulls nearly crashing into the ceiling, both muscle hunks fall onto the bed in the intense struggle. Loki CLAWS the headboard in agony struggling to breathe!

Bearhugs keep coming and get even HOTTER: a bearhug on top of the coffee table, a mid-air bearhug with a beefy backside nearly crashing into the camera, an UPSIDE-DOWN belly to belly bearhug with both muscle hunks squeezing each other for the point! The grunts and groans gets louder and louder ending in pure exhaustion and an unforgettable win!